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Debra Borchardt brings you a weekly dose of IPO news, from pricing and performance to the red flags that should send prospective IPO investors running for the hills.

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IPO Listings and Performance

In the first quarter of the year we've seen some high-profile IPOs. But they're not all created equal. Here's what investors should keep an eye out for ... and avoid.
3/22/17 3:45PM
Stocks fluctuate to begin the week as a hearing on Russia's involvement in the U.S. election continues on Capitol Hill.
3/20/17 11:58AM
It's been a week since Snap made its IPO. But investors are finally starting to get bored with this faddish stock. Here's why.
3/17/17 5:34PM
Uber and Airbnb could be next to exploit the global war between stock exchanges that is eroding corporate governance.
3/17/17 3:42PM
TheStreet's Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio Manager Jim Cramer thinks Canada Goose, which debuted as a public company on Thursday, is a buy.
3/17/17 11:48AM
The first day of trading for Canada Goose (GOOS) won't be without its share of controversy.
3/16/17 3:50PM
TheStreet's Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio Manager Jim Cramer discusses Thursday's most talked about stocks.
3/16/17 11:59AM
IT services company Presidio debuted on the Nasdaq on Friday, priced at $14 a share.
3/10/17 12:30PM
At least as of October, Pinterest has no plans to go public.
3/9/17 3:02PM
J.Jill JILL CEO Paula Bennet discusses with TheStreet at The New York Stock Exchange what it's like going public in a struggling retail environment.
3/9/17 12:35PM
Cramer drew a sharp distinction between established names like Facebook, Google and Adobe and newly public Snap.
3/9/17 8:50AM
The Dow Jones Industrial Average retreat again, its first three-day decline since January, as crude oil suffers its largest drop in more than a year.
3/8/17 4:17PM
A look at what to expect from the IPO market in 2017.
3/8/17 3:28PM
Jim Cramer sheds light on Wednesday's trending stocks.
3/8/17 11:47AM