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IPO Listings and Performance

The five companies have a combined valuation of nearly $200 billion; by remaining private, they feel insulated from economic uncertainty and market volatility.
12/3/16 5:00PM
Is that tech IPO market getting frothy as the Nasdaq flirts with record highs?
11/28/16 9:01AM
As Snapchat's parent gets ready to go public, Facebook is pulling out all the stops to slow down its rival. Instagram, which just added live video support, looms large.
11/21/16 5:23PM
Technology initial public offerings can be risky, but this one is expected to live up to its enormous potential.
11/17/16 1:56PM
The messaging and photo-sharing application has limitations, which may prevent it from building its user base and attracting advertisers.
11/17/16 8:14AM
Responding to reports that Snapchat could go public next year, Jim Cramer says investors should expect a higher valuation than what's currently being discussed.
11/16/16 11:51AM
Snapchat may be one of the biggest technology IPOs in recent years, as the company files paperwork to go public at a potential price of up to $25 billion.
11/16/16 9:41AM
It's time to buy shares of iRhythm Technologies (IRTC), before the banks that underwrote its IPO begin issuing research reports on the stock.
11/8/16 2:23PM
China-based data services company GDS Holdings made its public trading debut on the Nasdaq Wednesday.
11/2/16 4:33PM
Last year, venture capitalists invested more than $72 billion in companies. That's nearly triple the amount of seven years ago.
11/2/16 9:40AM
Yum! Brands has finally spun off its China business. Here is what Yum! Brands CEO Greg Creed has planned now.
11/1/16 2:26PM
David Lyon, managing director at JP Morgan Private Bank, says things are looking up for tech companies, if their initial public offerings are any indication.
11/1/16 10:34AM
Yum! Brands will split into two separate companies on Tuesday, each with big dreams.
11/1/16 8:53AM
Today on Wall Street: Acushnet, the holding company of Titleist, Footjoy and other golf brands, teed off a public listing on the NYSE after being acquired by Fila in 2011.
10/28/16 5:51PM
Software company BlackLine has a stellar debut in its first day of trading, surging well above its offer price.
10/28/16 3:10PM