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IPO Listings and Performance

Set up to eliminate the frustrations of traditional conference call technology, LoopUp today launched the first tech IPO in London since the Brexit vote two months ago.
8/24/16 10:24AM
Univision buying Gawker for $135 million may prove to be a steal considering that the Spanish-language TV company is eager to expand its digital business with eye toward an IPO.
8/17/16 4:32PM
The majority of asset managers are trailing the S&P 500 so far in 2016. A big reason for that underperformance is the emergence of index funds.
8/17/16 12:21PM
Once a shaky alternative to conventional IPOs, special-purpose acquisition companies let the public in on private equity bets.
8/12/16 10:57AM
The conglomerate has said it wants to hive off its commodity chemicals segment, but sources believe it may really want to sell it for as much as $1.2 billion.
8/10/16 12:57PM
At Home Group debuted on the New York Stock Exchange Thursday. Its CEO Lee Bird takes TheStreet's Brian Sozzi behind the scenes of its home decor business.
8/4/16 6:18PM
First Hawaiian Bank debuted as a public company on the Nasdaq Thursday.
8/4/16 4:58PM
Shares of Talend soared in its trading debut on the Nasdaq Friday
7/29/16 4:57PM
The successful round of tech IPOs continues with Talend climbing more than 40% on its first day of trading. NBC and Facebook work on a deal for Olympics coverage.
7/29/16 4:43PM
Slow economic growth in Europe is making U.S. technology firms more attractive as takeout plays.
7/27/16 3:07PM
Uber has delayed an IPO, and investors aren't sure whether that has been good for them or not.
7/22/16 12:15PM
Internet of Things Company Impinj soared in its trading debut on the Nasdaq Thursday.
7/21/16 3:39PM
Spotify is reportedly eyeing an IPO for the second half of 2017, while Apple looks like it may finally gain access to India.
7/20/16 4:52PM
Twilio's success will provide a shot in the arm to the struggling IPO market, says Jim Cramer.
7/18/16 11:53AM