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From shamrocks to bagpipes, here's everything you need to know this St. Patrick's Day. Watch all the videos you missed in this week's Rewind, TheStreet's video newsletter.
3/17/18 7:00AM
As part of Women's History Month, Alpha Rising sat down with the women ruling the C-Suite at the NYSE. They are driving a new agenda for U.S. equity markets and helping to encourage more companies to go public. Watch and listen in to how!
3/16/18 11:01PM
A new study by researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York suggests that bondholders still don't believe the government would ever let the firms collapse into bankruptcy -- after a decade of efforts by regulators to convince them otherwise. But at least one analyst who tracks big Wall Street firms' bonds says there may be an even bigger problem: Investors, pressured by the need to generate income, simply don't care whether the banks are too big to fail -- one way or the other.
3/14/18 11:07AM
Futures point toward a rocky start for Wall Street. At least it's almost Friday?
3/1/18 7:08AM
Spotify is looking to raise 1 billion dollars when it starts trading on the NYSE.
2/28/18 5:58PM
The Goldman Sachs board of directors gave CEO Lloyd Blankfein a 9% pay raise in 2017 to $24 million, and he may have his lower-paid workers in India and Poland to thank.
2/28/18 4:00PM
JPMorgan Chase increases its targeted return on tangible common equity - a key measure of profitability - to 17% from 2017's target of 15%, as the U.S. bank benefits from a drop in corporate taxes and rising interest rates.
2/27/18 7:55AM
As the economy picks up and stock markets rise, Citigroup, Bank of America and other big banks are taking advantage of the swing in sentiment to pay themselves more. It helps that memories of the financial crisis are fading.
2/26/18 6:10PM
Deutsche Bank confirmed plans to float part of its €700 billion asset management arm, a key plank in the turnaround strategy of under-fire CEO John Cryan.
2/26/18 6:36AM
Citigroup boosted CEO Michael Corbat's pay to $23 million, even as the bank failed to meet the CEO's own profitability goal for a third straight year, and as it reported a full-year net loss of $6.2 billion due to the write-off of tax credits that management had touted as a competitive advantage.
2/16/18 12:27PM
The Goldman Sachs board of directors gave CEO Lloyd Blankfein a 9% pay raise in 2017 to $24 million, even as the firm turned in its worst performance in years.
2/16/18 10:54AM
Cash repatriation and favorable macro conditions could lead the pace of tech acquisitions to pick up. But tech giants are said to be nervous about opening themselves to regulatory scrutiny.
2/16/18 8:00AM
Last week's market drop rattled investors with concerns about rising inflation and interest rates. Yet with the economy progressing at a slower pace than in past cycles, there's plenty of time left to profit from bank stocks like JPMorgan, Bank of America and Citigroup, typically among the biggest beneficiaries of economic growth, argues Sandler O'Neill.
2/13/18 2:45PM
After January 2018 racked up the most deal volume by dollar amount ever, February could see a bit of a respite as firms looking to list wait for enormous market swings to settle.
2/10/18 8:18AM
The CEO's raise comes as the bank has reaped increasing lending revenue from Federal Reserve interest-rate hikes while opting not to pass along the higher rates to savers with deposit accounts. His pay was roughly 152 times that of the average worker at Bank of America, who saw pay held roughly flat at $151,125 in 2017.
2/9/18 2:31PM