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Debra Borchardt brings you a weekly dose of IPO news, from pricing and performance to the red flags that should send prospective IPO investors running for the hills.

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IPO Listings and Performance

The rise of cord cutting isn't scaring cable company WideOpenWest, which debuted as a public company on the NYSE Thursday.
5/25/17 3:08PM
Appian shares surged some 35% on Thursday following the company's public debut on the Nasdaq.
5/25/17 2:00PM
Carrefour shares rose the most in a month Wednesday after Europe's biggest retailer said it took steps that may lead to the sale of its Brazilian business through an IPO.
5/24/17 10:07AM
Helping you procrastinate has proven to be extremely lucrative.
5/22/17 12:51PM
Food Network Star Willie Degel talks about his ambitions for his chain of restaurants and "turmoil" in the industry.
5/19/17 4:50PM
The upstart better burger chain went public back in January 2015.
5/18/17 4:00AM
Billionaire investor Sam Zell said President Trump has an extraordinary opportunity.
5/13/17 7:00AM
Music streaming service Spotify is looking at going public later this year through a direct listing with a valuation of $13 billion.
5/12/17 1:48PM
Snapchat Is Not Hot Right Now
5/11/17 8:47AM
Shares of Snap SNAP, the parent company of Shapchat, sank after releasing its first earnings report since its IPO back in March.
5/10/17 4:17PM
Axa, Europe's second largest. insurer will sell a minority stake in its US operations after ousting AllianceBernstein CEO Peter Kraus.
5/10/17 3:43AM
Carvana shares slumped Friday following its debut as a public company on the New York Stock Exchange.
4/28/17 12:45PM
The Nasdaq crossed 6,000 on Tuesday for the first time ever.
4/27/17 5:03PM
TheStreet reported earlier this month that the Haynesville Shale-focused operator was expected by sources to file for an IPO shortly.
4/24/17 9:19AM
HSBC will advise on Saudi Aramco's multi-billion dollar IPO, according to media reports Monday, potentially increasing chances London could earn a piece of the world's biggest stock listing.
4/24/17 9:14AM