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Debra Borchardt brings you a weekly dose of IPO news, from pricing and performance to the red flags that should send prospective IPO investors running for the hills.

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IPO Listings and Performance

You can blame technology for flash crashes.
7/24/17 10:00PM
Everyone wants to know what hot companies will next go public and make shares available for investors to purchase. Here's which companies to look out for.
7/21/17 12:54PM
With Calyxt, perhaps you truly can have your cake and eat it too.
7/21/17 12:26PM
If approved, it could be available as early as March.
7/21/17 10:49AM
The billionaire media mogul may have interest in the Spanish-language broadcaster but only if he can get the right price.
7/20/17 3:37PM
The offering could value ADT at more than $15 billion.
7/20/17 1:08PM
What's next for Snap and Blue Apron shares?
7/17/17 2:40PM
If you failed to get in on the Snap and Blue Apron offerings and aren't interested now, here are some other opportunities.
7/17/17 12:12PM
The market for initial public offerings in the tech sector is jittery.
7/14/17 3:48PM
The IPO will offer 6.06 million shares at a target price of $15 to $18, which should raise $100 million for the company.
7/10/17 5:09PM
Russia is looking to expand its global LNG market share by offering up to 49% of a new production unit to foreign investors.
7/6/17 9:48AM
The cloud storage company went public on Friday after delaying its IPO a day earlier.
6/30/17 4:14PM
The SEC wants to encourage more initial public offerings by shielding companies from market swings that can hurt their debut and discourage investors.
6/30/17 1:28PM