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IPO Listings and Performance

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8/20/17 5:55PM
The offloaded shares represent less than half of Goldman Sachs Investment Partners' Spotify stake.
8/18/17 11:54AM
A number of biotech-related stocks were down pre-market after announcing plans for public offerings.
8/17/17 9:26AM
Bitcoin's rapid price ascent and a related influx of "internet coin offerings" are garnering institutional investors -- even as they draw scrutiny from the SEC.
8/12/17 3:40PM
Some financial and legal advisers have recommended London as a safer bet.
8/11/17 7:52AM
Snap will report its second quarterly results as a public company late Thursday.
8/10/17 3:52PM
TheStreet's Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio Manager Jim Cramer weighs in on Thursday's trending stocks
8/10/17 12:10PM
A better-than-expected quarter for Canada Goose.
8/10/17 10:54AM
Can Blue Apron compete or is it time to order takeout?
8/10/17 9:28AM
Projections say that the pet industry could reach $69.36 billion in 2017 alone.
8/8/17 5:14PM
Spotify accomplished in one year what took Apple Music more than 18 months.
8/1/17 9:01AM
You can blame technology for flash crashes.
7/24/17 10:00PM