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Debra Borchardt brings you a weekly dose of IPO news, from pricing and performance to the red flags that should send prospective IPO investors running for the hills.

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IPO Listings and Performance

Snapchat's video and photo-capturing spectacles are no longer restricted to those who can hunt down its colorful vending machines.
2/21/17 10:44AM
Saudi Aramco is leaning toward listing its giant, state-run oil company in New York, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.
2/20/17 11:17PM
Canada Goose's upcoming IPO is going to be epic.
2/16/17 12:31PM
Snap lowered its valuation, signaling an "interesting ride" for investors is ahead.
2/16/17 10:28AM
Snap Inc. is preparing for the biggest technology IPO since Alibaba in 2014.
2/16/17 7:21AM
The luxury parka maker, backed by Bain Capital, will list its shares in both New York and Toronto.
2/15/17 5:55PM
The release of IPO underwriter reports next Tuesday creates a buying opportunity in this stock.
2/10/17 12:32PM
The Snap IPO could be just the beginning of a wave of new technology initial public offerings.
2/10/17 12:03PM
The nonvoting shares issued by the developer of the popular disappearing message app could set a disturbing precedent, especially with institutional investors and insurgent fund managers.
2/8/17 8:51PM
Investors need to stop being lemmings and demand accountability and voting rights, starting by saying no to the Snapchat parent's IPO.
2/6/17 11:04AM
The company's prospectus features user growth, revenue growth and spending disclosures that raise red flags.
2/4/17 10:20AM
This company's bet on residential rental properties paid off. Now with its IPO of Invitation Homes, investors should own the stock.
2/3/17 2:38PM
Snap's hotly anticipated IPO filing unveils much about the company's risks, vision and co-founders.
2/3/17 12:33PM
Snap filed its IPO paperwork confidentially in November and is expected to go public on the NYSE under the ticker SNAP in March.
2/3/17 12:10PM
The Snapchat IPO is coming this March.
2/3/17 11:44AM