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Debra Borchardt brings you a weekly dose of IPO news, from pricing and performance to the red flags that should send prospective IPO investors running for the hills.

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IPO Listings and Performance

The company's strong fundamentals, initial public offering pricing and underwriters are the recipe for a pop in share price.
10/25/16 9:15AM
With highly valued start-ups delaying their initial public offerings, the Snapchat parent's debut may encourage others to follow suit.
10/21/16 3:07PM
Nutanix (NTNX) shares are likely to soar soon as underwriters become free to issue research reports on the stock.
10/20/16 12:15PM
The company that ships packages for Jack Ma's e-commerce giant is ready to follow suit with a public listing in the U.S.
10/19/16 11:10AM
Utility company Fortis gains some added muscle with the acquisition of transmission company ITC.
10/18/16 2:30PM
The imminent initial public offering of this hot China-based company is in the spotlight. Should you take a chance or stay away?
10/18/16 1:53PM
Biffa is the latest stock market hopeful to fall victim to recent market and economic uncertainty.
10/17/16 4:48AM
After a drought in the IPO market, two energy companies went public this week and more might be on the way.
10/15/16 10:05AM
November is likely to be a slow month for IPOs, amid uncertainty surrounding the U.S. presidential election, according to Nelson Griggs, executive vice president of global listings at Nasdaq.
10/14/16 1:13PM
An initial public offering for the social media app developer could precede debuts for a host of other venture capital-backed tech players.
10/13/16 4:11PM
Snap Inc., the owner of Snapchat, has got to come public because the IPO window could soon snap shut, says Jim Cramer.
10/13/16 11:49AM
Expect shares of the bank holding company to move higher after its initial public offering quiet period ends on Monday.
10/13/16 11:30AM
Expect shares of the cloud-based technology business management provider to move higher after its initial public offering quiet period ends on Tuesday.
10/13/16 8:35AM
The Wells Fargo sales scandal has led to the resignation of Chairman and CEO John Stumpf.
10/13/16 7:09AM
Expect shares of the technology company that provides a platform to buy online advertisements to move higher after its IPO quiet period ends on Monday.
10/12/16 8:52AM