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Investors who are looking for hot growth opportunities in an uncertain market should consider these gold and silver miners, which offer plenty of upside.
11/10/16 2:08PM
Think all the big precious metals gains can be made from gold? Think again. Here's why this silver company is poised for profits.
8/24/16 1:23PM
BMO Capital Markets doesn't have high expectations for the silver price in 2015. However, the firm sees some companies, including emerging producers Bear Creek Mining, MAG Silver and Silver Standard, performing well.
1/29/15 12:30AM
In this interview with The Gold Report, Editor David Morgan explains why he is still excited about four developers that are moving projects forward at any price.
10/8/14 10:45PM
The Global X Silver Miners ETF aims to provide investors with exposure to a broad range of silver mining companies. Here's a brief overview of its top five holdings.
9/15/14 8:30AM
Rudimentary analysis suggests the company offers a good risk/reward during a rebound in the precious metals.
1/27/14 10:42AM
The end of the year is in sight, and many investors will soon be forced to take painful losses. David H. Smith, senior analyst at The Morgan Report, says that smart investors will take care to cull the weakest mining stocks from their portfolios and reinvest the proceeds in truly undervalued companies. In this interview with The Gold Report, Smith contends that once the market has worked through this process, a rejuvenated bull market in precious metals will eventually lead to a vertical rise in equities, with platinum group metals leading the way.
12/5/13 10:55PM
Dundee Capital Markets revealed this week that the all-in cash costs of the silver producers it covers fell an average of 13 percent, to $20.08 per ounce, during the third quarter of this year.
11/27/13 3:15PM
Silver prices were pushed down this week by anxiety about the end of quantitative easing, but Thomson Reuters GFMS and the US Mint provided some more positive news.
11/15/13 3:25AM
It's one thing for a silver producer to make a profit at $28/oz and quite another to do the same at $20/oz, declares Chris Lichtenheldt, senior mining analyst at Dundee Capital Markets. In this interview with The Gold Report, Lichtenheldt examines eight silver companies, detailing which ones will be rewarded for high-grade assets and which ones punished for high costs. And he explains why one of his favorites is a silver company that doesn't actually produce silver.
8/13/13 11:13PM