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16.65 0.01 (0.06%)
3:59 PM ET 10/21/16
The most commonly cited silver price is the 24-hour New York spot silver price -- priced in U.S. dollars (chart below). [Most Recent Quotes from]

Silver prices -- like the prices of other precious metals and commodities -- are subject to volatile price swings. For forecasts and analysis of silver prices and silver stocks, please refer to the videos and stories below.

"Junk silver" -- a popular way to invest small amounts of money in silver -- is often priced by the melt value of old silver coins. For more on the prices of silver coins, you may enjoy

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Silver Prices -- Analysis

Silver's futures prices were down 5% earlier this week, as the precious metal's per-ounce price declined due to physical demand issues and to talk of a Fed rate hike.
10/6/16 9:29AM
Silver has soared this year, because of a multitude of factors, like the Federal Reserve, foreign buyers and more. But can it continue?
9/27/16 10:51AM
Investors worldwide have poured a total of $51 billion into commodity-focused ETFs and similar investment products, Barclays estimates. The bulk of that total, $28.8 billion, went to precious metals funds.
8/9/16 1:32PM
Excited about rising silver prices? Then investors should be drooling over the potential in silver shares.
7/29/16 8:20AM
Gold gets all the attention, but silver is a precious metal to watch, too. Here's how you should invest.
7/28/16 10:24AM
The Japanese yen has dropped since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordered a new round of stimulus. This will continue, says hris Gaffney, president of world markets at EverBank.
7/20/16 5:57PM
With a slew of banks having turned bullish on gold and investors betting on the metal to push higher, could the scale be ready to tip the other way?
7/7/16 4:17PM
There remains an underlying belief that the Fed may still have an interest- rate hike on the table, especially if Friday's job number is strong.
7/7/16 3:46PM
Market turmoil following the UK's decision to leave the European Union is causing more investors to turn to gold and treasuries said Frank Holmes, founder of U.S. Global Investors.
7/5/16 4:55PM
Silver has really stolen the show in the precious metals space, but one veteran trader says it may be best for investors to just sit and wait.
7/5/16 4:26PM