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Of course, the market value of gold and gold products (coins, jewelry, etc.) is prone to fluctuations in demand and the spread captured between retail investors and wholesalers. Before you dip your toes into the gold market, learn the basics of how to invest in gold and also check out Jeff Nielson's piece on why gold makes great money.

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Gold's role in the monetary system should not be questioned. And in fact, it's becoming increasingly important much to everyone's surprise.
9/20/17 5:00PM
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is installing a barrier and valve inside an inactive Colorado mine to prevent another surge of toxic wastewater like a 2015 blowout that contaminated rivers in three states
9/20/17 2:06PM
Gold Is A Currency, Even the Fed Thinks So says Tocqueville's Hathaway
9/20/17 1:43PM
Thyssenkrupp and Tata Steel have signed an MoU to create Europe's second-largest steel producer.
9/20/17 3:46AM
In the next thousand years, will Bitcoin be held to the same standard as gold or is it a passing fad?
9/19/17 1:10PM
Gold is up and could end an almost two-week losing streak but pressure from a hawkish Federal Reserve meeting may end hopes of a rally.
9/19/17 7:52AM
Bitcoin has plummeted below $3,000 amid the ban on initial coin offerings in China. Should investors be worried?
9/15/17 11:00PM
Conditions look favorable for Federal Reserve officials to raise interest rates at a meeting next week, even with the damage to the economy caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
9/15/17 4:05PM
Welcome to this new gold ETF with a great ticker symbol.
9/15/17 12:00PM
With Bitcoin prices on the skids, gold is looking pretty attractive again. Should you invest in the yellow metal?
9/15/17 1:00AM