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Of course, the market value of gold and gold products (coins, jewelry, etc.) is prone to fluctuations in demand and the spread captured between retail investors and wholesalers. Before you dip your toes into the gold market, learn the basics of how to invest in gold and also check out Jeff Nielson's piece on why gold makes great money.

Gold Price News

Gold could rise to $1,245 or higher, and investors should look to buy on any weakness this week.
1/23/17 4:13PM
Investors who want to hedge against a market pullback may way to buy the precious metal.
1/23/17 2:24PM
Tradebird users are bullish on bitcoin and Tesla stock, but they're bearish on the pound and yen.
1/23/17 2:08PM
The rise in bond yields and the decline in gold prices stalled, and then utility stocks and junk bonds bottomed. Here's how to trade them now.
1/23/17 8:43AM
The precious metal thrives amid uncertainty, whether it is Brexit, fluctuating interest rates or a presidential election.
1/20/17 4:20PM
A Trump administration could make precious metals an investor's best friend.
1/19/17 9:51AM
The controversial president-elect's feuds and alleged misdeeds may already have gold prices rising.
1/19/17 7:16AM
After hitting a two-month high on Tuesday, gold prices ended Wednesday near unchanged levels in what has really been two-sided action.
1/18/17 5:31PM
Gold prices wavered on Wednesday as the market waited on comments from Fed Chair Janet Yellen.
1/18/17 3:29PM