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How To Invest in Gold

Gold is protection, insurance against inflation, currency debasement, and global uncertainty. That said, there are many ways that an investor can lose money with gold -- so before your start buying precious metals -- be sure to read the guides posted below.

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Gold Investing 101

Gold Price Analysis -- Videos

Gold prices ended the U.S. day session weaker but up from the daily low that marked a two-week low Monday.
8/22/16 4:52PM
Gold is conflicted by the ongoing dialogue surrounding the next increase in Fed rates, said Peter Hug, global trading director for bullion dealer, Kitco Metals.
8/22/16 4:52PM
Gold prices close the week lower ahead of the big central bank meeting in Jackson Hole, so what is the best way for gold traders to play this market?
8/19/16 4:23PM
Gold is lower Friday after failing to get out above first major resistance that comes in today at $1,362.5-$1,367.
8/19/16 3:56PM
U.S. Olympic champion Michael Phelps is set to be slapped with a hefty tax bill upon returning from the games in Rio de Janeiro.
8/19/16 11:30AM
The latest Fed minutes continue to dominate markets, and gold has pared losses.
8/19/16 7:05AM
Once a non-believer in gold, this financial advisor says he is now bullish the metal and is eyeing the $1,800 level by year-end.
8/11/16 4:14PM
Gold is up an impressive 27% so far in 2016, but gold miner funds are up multiples of that.
8/11/16 3:47PM
It is not surprising to see pullbacks in gold over the short term, this according to Greg Weldon of Weldon Financial, who says would present great buying opportunities for investors.
8/8/16 5:38PM
Gold is in a strong bull market, and it's only going to get better, this according to Barry Dawes, executive chairman of Australian-based investment firm Martin Place Securities.
8/5/16 10:47AM