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How To Invest in Gold

Gold is protection, insurance against inflation, currency debasement, and global uncertainty. That said, there are many ways that an investor can lose money with gold -- so before your start buying precious metals -- be sure to read the guides posted below.

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Gold Investing 101

Gold Price Analysis -- Videos

If an investor is looking for safety, the best bets are to look at gold and silver, this according to well-known silver investor David Morgan.
9/30/16 10:10AM
Silver Wheaton CEO Randy Smallwood says his company is sitting on the world's best half-built gold mine, referring to his deal with Barrick Gold at the Pascual-Lama mine in Chile.
9/29/16 8:50AM
Although well-known mining executive David Harquail remains optimistic on the gold sector, he says it may be time for Franco-Nevada to be looking at other commodities.
9/28/16 1:47PM
Gold is continuing to hold onto last week's gains, with prices up on the day.
9/27/16 4:51PM
After wrapping his 70-day tour cross country with a Tesla, Gianni Kovacevic, CEO of CopperBank, said he remains optimistic about the electric car.
9/27/16 3:50PM
Gold is up 26 percent in 2016 and heading into the fall the greater risk remains to the upside due to the tremendous amount of money sloshing through the system
9/8/16 4:43PM
Gold and silver ended the U.S. day session weaker Wednesday on some profit taking from recent gains that pushed both metals to a three-week high overnight.
9/8/16 6:50AM
The Fed is bluffing, and no matter what happens with interest rates, it might be best for investors to stick with gold, according to Wall Street pundit Jim Grant.
9/7/16 10:52AM
Silver is continuing its winning streak with the metal is up four percent, surging back towards $20 an ounce on Tuesday.
9/6/16 4:53PM
Investing in gold or gold mining stocks says a lot about your risk appetite.
9/2/16 12:26PM