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Every day TheStreet Ratings produces a list of the top rated stocks, by industry. The following auto stocks are rated highest by our value-focused model. This list will be updated as upgrades and downgrades occur.

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Some Super Bowl advertisers spend a lot more than others, but this bunch in particular has done a lot of the heavy lifting lately.
1/19/17 10:07AM
Certified pre-owned vehicles introduced inspections and warranties to used-car sales, but they don't help buyers who can't afford them or won't read the fine print.
11/30/16 12:25PM
Unless you hate paying for maintenance, selling a car or riding around in something less than new for too long, just buy the car already.
9/22/16 10:19AM
A car's sticker price doesn't tell the whole story, especially when financing costs alone can tack on thousands to a vehicle's costs over the years.
9/6/16 9:16AM
Volkswagen and the U.S. government are hammering out a plan to reimburse drivers for diesel vehicles with faulty emissions, but the drama has already depreciated their value.
8/2/16 5:29PM
Laden with student loan debt, unsure of the cost of vehicle ownership and drawn to cities with public transit, college graduates aren't looking for the sweetest ride they can buy.
5/15/16 1:40PM
Volkswagen owners who were lied to about the mileage of their diesel-powered vehicles don't have to ditch VW altogether, but there are better options than what they were driving.
5/1/16 9:09AM
While luxury cars have been in a slump since gas prices slid, the new crop of vehicles is ready for the next price hike.
4/30/16 8:27AM
With gas below $2 a gallon and the U.S. rekindling its romance with the SUV, car buyers may as well look at some of the least-efficient vehicles around.
3/27/16 1:30PM
The NCAA men's basketball tournament gives everyone from insurers to wing joints a shot at a young demographic in financial flux.
3/26/16 8:41PM
With March Madness offering as much or more exposure than professional sports playoffs, the tournament's top ad spender blows a half-decade Super Bowl budget in one year.
3/16/16 9:33AM
Ford, GM, Chrysler and Toyota shares all show double-digit losses so far this year, but a veteran auto analyst sees benefits from rising truck sales.
2/24/16 7:05AM
The new Prius may be the standard hybrid's last hurrah, but it also indicates how much competitors have caught up in recent years.
2/20/16 2:00PM
February is the most miserable retail month of them all, which means huge deals for shoppers who know where to look for them.
2/17/16 11:12AM
Hyundai is the NFL's official auto sponsor, but that isn't going to stop Mini from paying millions to try to get people to stop labeling it a small car company.
2/7/16 1:00PM

Auto Components

President Donald Trump's decision to shelve the Trans-Pacific Partnership doesn't come as a surprise to much of corporate America, but it doesn't mean they're all happy about it either.
Among the underlying components of the Russell 3000 index, we saw noteworthy options trading volume today in Advance Auto Parts Inc , where a total of 2,931 contracts have traded so far, representing approximately 293,100 underlying shares. That amounts to about 42.6% of AAP's average daily trading volume over the past month of 687,830 shares.
The meeting comes as part of a broader push by the new president to revitalize the U.S. manufacturing footprint and add jobs.
A study of analyst recommendations at the major brokerages shows that Visteon Corp. is the #47 broker analyst pick among those stocks screened by The Online Investor for strong stock buyback activity.
One way to grasp the Trump administration's possible impact on the U.S. auto industry is by paying attention to the president's promises to increase employment while cutting regulations.
What is the North American Free Trade Agreement?
Trump argued during his campaign that Nafta was a 'disaster.'
Tesla shares have ripped higher.
Alcoa is probably a better retirement investment, while Arconic carries more risk.
The U.S.-built sedan is sturdy, very comfortable and the location of its assembly plant will please the new president.
The president's call to rework or scrap the trade deal with Canada and Mexico, in place since 1994, has far-reaching implications--from candy companies to railways.