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Battery costs and weight, among other factors, could limit the addressable market for Tesla's trucks.
9/17/17 1:20PM
Tesla is developing an electric tractor trailer. Can you imagine see one without a driver behind you on the road?
9/15/17 5:13AM
Tesla's new big rig set to be unveiled soon might be a stunner. Billionaire Warren Buffett is probably freaking out.
9/15/17 12:01AM
It's time for Tesla to get into the trucking business. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Wednesday evening the company's first electric big rig is coming in October.
9/14/17 9:51AM
From lives to the cost of recovery, to the impact on confidence, everything is affected from hurricanes. But....
9/8/17 7:14AM
Stocks rise after positive car sales reports. That was enough to overshadow a disappointing jobs report out earlier in the day.
9/1/17 1:56PM
Stocks mostly higher after fewer jobs added to U.S. economy than expected.
9/1/17 10:59AM
The latest report may indicate that Tesla will begin its entrance into the commercial freight market by targeting regional hauls.
8/24/17 6:03PM
I would imagine that we'll see a pop across that space Tuesday in response to Trump's speech.
8/22/17 7:47AM
Benchmark is seeking to remove Travis Kalanick from the company's board.
8/14/17 6:43PM
This trade has not worked on almost any timeframe other than intra-day over the long haul.
8/14/17 7:37AM
Some big names offer pleasant surprises.
7/27/17 6:00PM