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GE may be moving into wind power with an investment in wind farms in Chile.
4/25/17 12:25PM
General Electric posts better-than-expected first-quarter earnings and says it expects revenue to continue to improve for the remainder of the year.
4/23/17 5:55PM
As the mothership struggles, the country's fifth-biggest broadcaster, with its dozen digital properties, aims to be in the vanguard of a hot, new-again business model: e-shopping.
4/18/17 5:16PM
Apple already develops numerous chips for its own hardware. And recent reports about suppliers Dialog Semiconductor and Imagination Technologies suggest that Apple's ambitions continue to grow.
4/16/17 6:40PM
Troubled operation, estimated to be US$5.8 billion in debt, is pinning its hopes of survival on a 'White Knight' and/or a government bailout - although many industry insiders consider neither will be enough
4/14/17 2:56AM
Ever since Apartheid ended in 1994, South Africa's government has maintained a healthy respect for separation of government and business. Now, investors fear, that might be changing.
4/12/17 11:22AM
Pressure from Beijing and economic slowdown prompt switch to more self-reliant approach
4/10/17 8:03PM
Cramer shares his views on sagging sectors of the market and how natural gas is a big winner.
4/3/17 1:00AM
Huawei sub-brand Honor' snew Magic handset serves up artificial-intelligence-driven software as a taste of things to come from Chinese manufacturer
4/2/17 6:30PM
President Trump's push to ease oil and gas regulations will be of more benefit to natural gas producers than to the coal industry.
3/29/17 1:00PM
The Interior Secretary has indicated that he wants to review royalty rates 'across the board,' which could benefit taxpayers.
3/29/17 11:19AM
The tech giant is reportedly working on augmented reality-powered eyeglasses, in addition to adding some AR features to the iPhone 8.
3/21/17 4:40PM
Access to Chinese markets and policies on North Korea and the South China Sea are among the issues Beijing needs to address, writes Francesco Sisci
3/20/17 11:09PM
Rod Phillips's new history of French wine shows the dramatic changes in how France makes, sells and consumes its national beverage
3/19/17 2:50PM
The hacking involved accounts belonging to such esteemed organizations as Amnesty International and Forbes and to the entertainer Justin Bieber.
3/18/17 3:20PM