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Apple is working on a software fix for the glitchy wireless network connection, as the new smartwatch is officially released on Friday.
9/22/17 9:51AM
Signs of sluggish iPhone 8 pre-orders and questions about the Apple Watch's wireless connection have surfaced.
9/20/17 4:25PM
Comcast will make its Millennial-focused Watchable platform available only to subscribers of its X1 cable box.
9/20/17 12:44PM
Sprint badly needs T-Mobile, but the opposite isn't true. And regulatory approval still isn't a given.
9/20/17 6:55AM
Operator's Project Earth, backed by technology supplier Huawei, will help accelerate preparations for future 5G mobile network operations
9/18/17 7:03PM
A variety of bidders likely will be attracted to Rolling Stone magazine following Jann Wenner's decision to sell his 51% controlling stake in the 50-year-old publication.
9/18/17 12:01PM
In recent months, leadership of Sprint and T-Mobile have openly acknowledged the value that merging the companies would create. That wasn't the case Thursday.
9/17/17 1:40PM
The world's largest smart watch-making business is too small for Apple to break out results. That could change.
9/16/17 1:20PM
War memorabilia and militaria are worth nothing if millions of veterans still have the same items.
9/14/17 6:24PM
Major networks including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have already announced data plans for the new cellular Apple Watch Series 3.
9/14/17 6:00PM
CEO Lowell McAdams said cable's fiber infrastructure doesn't measure up to Verizon's future needs.
9/14/17 9:03AM
Government computer emergency team advises users to update devices with patches to prevent possibility of malicious code infections spread through flaws in Bluetooth wireless technology
9/14/17 4:22AM
There's a hot new smartphone out this week. And it's not from Apple.
9/14/17 12:50AM
There's one big obstacle to the new iPhones triggering a coveted 'super cycle' of upgrades.
9/14/17 12:10AM
Boeing's $600 million deal calls for new 747-8's planes to replace two of the aging presidential support planes.
9/13/17 9:19PM