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Pushing the boundaries of smart home possibilities, this $25 million home includes a wine rack the moves up and down floors, remote controlled walls, and much more.
8/26/16 4:43PM
Though Google Fiber seems to be paring back its near-term investments, wireless technologies could still let the Alphabet unit achieve its ambitious long-term goals.
8/26/16 1:53PM
Pretty much every company you can think of has donated to the Clinton Foundation. So has Donald Trump. Should it matter?
8/26/16 1:30PM
See the richest man in the world's favorite income plays.
8/26/16 11:42AM
JPMorgan lowered its price target to $8.50 from $10 on Brocade (BRCD) stock this morning.
8/26/16 10:47AM
5G, due to begin ramping around 2020, delivers improvements over 4G that should be valuable for IoT deployments. That could expand the addressable market of many chipmakers.
8/24/16 3:24PM
Dycom (DY) reported strong results for the 2016 fiscal fourth quarter, but reduced its forecast for full-year revenue from Goodman Networks' operations.
8/24/16 2:26PM
Brocade (BRCD) is scheduled to release its 2016 fiscal third quarter earnings after Thursday's market close.
8/23/16 2:06PM
Legere continues to push boundaries with his personal style, but he's also energized the mobile carrier.
8/19/16 8:29AM
T-Mobile (TMUS) CEO John Legere joined CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" Thursday morning to explain the company's new unlimated data plan 'T-Mobile One.'
8/18/16 11:18AM
Preserve capital, and pick up safe income from these blue-chip dividend stocks.
8/18/16 10:58AM
The IT giant reported a modest earnings beat and a significant restructuring that will include the elimination of 5,500 jobs.
8/18/16 9:41AM
TV stations have the chance to cash out of their broadcast licenses in a billion-dollar auction.
8/16/16 4:30PM
While many big-name chipmakers and service providers love to trumpet their exposure to IoT, it often accounts for just a small part of their business.
8/16/16 3:31PM
Both firms snapped up a wide variety of stocks in the second quarter, according to their filings to the SEC.
8/16/16 11:16AM