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Equity Top: Integrated Telecommunication Services

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AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, T-Mobile and Comcast are among the potential pool of qualified buyers that collectively satisfied the FCC's rules for the auction to be completed.
1/19/17 12:38PM
For the fourth quarter, Netflix is expected to have added roughly 5.1 million new net subscribers worldwide, a solid number even though investors would rather talk about a buyout.
1/18/17 8:00AM
Both 5G and virtual reality are still in their early innings, but a number of eye-opening applications have been dreamt up for each of them.
1/13/17 12:16PM
Hasbro (HAS) released its YouTube series, "HANAZUKI: Full of Treasures," Thursday morning while its related new toy line comes in June.
1/12/17 12:12PM
A study of analyst recommendations at the major brokerages shows that Verizon Communications Inc is the #23 broker pick, on average, out of the 30 stocks making up the Dow Jones Industrial Average, according to ETF Channel. Within the broader S&P 500, when components were ranked in terms of analyst favorites, VZ claims the #377 spot.
1/12/17 12:04PM
In an interview, Hassane El-Khoury discussed connected cars, the Internet of Things and expectations about industry M&A.
1/12/17 11:24AM
Elizabeth Lim, Mergermarket America head research editor, expects further energy consolidation and increased media mergers in 2017.
1/11/17 9:34AM
AT&T seems to have hit a double top. Here's what investors need to know.
1/11/17 8:09AM
America Online and Time Warner see the 17-year anniversary of their combination come and go, as both companies are involved in separate merger dramas today.
1/10/17 6:15PM
A scattered day of trading leaves stocks mixed on Tuesday with the Nasdaq enjoying a record close for its third day in a row and the Dow lost ground again.
1/10/17 4:06PM
The ex-Googler brought some cool back to Yahoo!, but ultimately her tenure was defined by Alibaba, acquisitions and activists.
1/10/17 3:31PM
Stocks turn mixed on Tuesday, though the Nasdaq remains on track to set to record a close for its third day in a row.
1/10/17 2:50PM
Co-creator of Google Maps Bret Taylor reflected on the legacy of former colleague and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer.
1/10/17 12:30PM
Despite not being able to turn Yahoo! around, CEO Marissa Mayer will have 'no shortage of opportunities' if she leaves the company, Bloomberg Intelligence senior Internet analyst Paul Sweeney said.
1/10/17 12:12PM