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Equity Top: Integrated Telecommunication Services

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A battle over who regulates data and privacy flares on Capitol Hill
3/29/17 8:00PM
The 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch displays sported by Samsung's latest flagship phones will be well-received by consumers used to constantly scrolling through Facebook feeds and other content.
3/29/17 4:40PM
Following a pair of congressional votes, privacy rules are a potential casualty in the battle over video screens, customer data and ad dollars.
3/29/17 2:30PM
A battle over who regulates data and privacy flares on Capitol Hill
3/29/17 8:25AM
Alphabet's top line could take a hit in 2017 as a result of AT&T, Verizon and other advertisers pulling ads from YouTube.
3/27/17 2:54PM
The social media giant is throwing its weight behind a technology that lets publishers make more money from ads and become less dependent on Google's DoubleClick unit.
3/25/17 10:40AM
Google faces some tough decisions as the boycott of its YouTube network by advertisers continues to grow.
3/24/17 5:52PM
Should AT&T, Comcast and Verizon play by the same rules as Google and Facebook -- and should those rules be tougher?
3/24/17 4:00PM
As long as consumers keep going to YouTube, Google's multi-billion dollar ad business shouldn't be affected by the recent push back from advertisers, according to a Pacific Crest analyst.
3/24/17 11:43AM
The Alphabet unit can't just 'put a band aid' on advertisers' concerns, lest it risk damaging its second-largest source of advertising revenue growth.
3/24/17 11:29AM
YouTube has the resources and tools to deal with its extremist content problem. And top brands have big incentives to keep spending on the site.
3/23/17 4:20PM
While it's tempting for consumers to spend their tax refund, investing their tax dollars in an IRA or stocks now can generate a substantial amount of savings.
3/23/17 3:26PM
Both Verizon Communications and AT&T stated Wednesday that each would suspend digital ads on YouTube.
3/23/17 2:52PM
Britain is the second largest market for Google, generating $7.8 billion primarily from advertising in 2016.
3/23/17 11:39AM
These four blue chips look primed to lead the S&P higher this spring.
3/23/17 11:04AM