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Semiconductor firms saw the greatest gains in 2016 in a year when the FANG stocks largely disappointed. Leading the S&P overall was one tech stock that more than tripled.
1/3/17 11:47AM
Tradebird users weigh in with their bullish or bearish opinions on different assets.
11/28/16 9:42AM
The political uncertainty created by Trump's surprising win is taking its toll on some high-flying tech stocks. But his domestic and offshore tax policies may be well-received by Silicon Valley.
11/11/16 1:28PM
Investors need to sift through the confusing crosswinds hitting the market, Jim Cramer says.
10/31/16 8:44PM
The software giant unveiled some new hardware and software Wednesday as it attempts to get consumers to rethink what PCs are capable of. Apple should take notice.
10/27/16 9:50AM
The numbers point to a moderately declining industry rather than a collapsing one. And sales to lucrative developed markets have stabilized for now.
10/12/16 11:20AM
A jump in education technology investment has left schools with the problem of sifting through nearly 4,000 options.
10/7/16 12:01PM
While the chip giant ups its forecast in response to better-than-expected PC sales, an iPhone 7 teardown indicates several Intel chips are going into some models.
9/16/16 3:05PM
Salesforce is sticking with CEO Marc Benioff, but it did name a new chief equality officer.
9/15/16 4:43PM
iPhone storage capacity hikes provided a sales boost for SanDisk, which Western broke the bank to acquire.
9/7/16 5:21PM
Micron and Western Digital rallied on HP remarks about component shortages. Those remarks also suggest the iPhone 7 will provide a storage boost.
8/26/16 4:04PM
Earnings season is far from over, Cramer says, and the Fed chief gives a major speech Friday.
8/22/16 8:05PM
Twitter and Pepsi bring users promoted stickers, Alphabet eases back on its Google Fiber plans, and Workday and IBM work out a seven-year cloud infrastructure deal.
8/15/16 4:49PM