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Microsoft is reportedly prepping a cheaper version of Windows meant to win back share from Chromebooks. Google is helping partners launch cheap Chromebooks that can run Android apps.
4/25/17 12:29PM
Demand appears stable for now, as interest among some PC users in newer technologies offsets slow upgrade rates among others.
4/12/17 4:36PM
It only took eight months for Facebook Messenger to tack on 200 million more monthly active users, driving its total to 1.2 billion.
4/12/17 4:18PM
Big market gains were the result of great companies, CEOs and the people behind them -- not just the Fed, says Jim Cramer.
3/10/17 6:15AM
Investors overwhelmingly reject a shareholder proposal to increase diversity among senior management and directors.
2/28/17 4:10PM
I would buy either IBM or HPE on a dip.
2/17/17 1:41PM
Decades ago HP, Apple & IBM were the titans of tech.
2/17/17 11:34AM
The most ethnically and gender diverse boards may surprise you.
2/7/17 10:29AM
STMicroelectronics hit a nine-year high Thursday after it posted better-than-expected earnings on solid revenue growth and improved manufacturing.
1/26/17 3:57AM
The company is gaining momentum from smartphone, automotive and Internet of Things products.
1/23/17 9:16AM
Semiconductor firms saw the greatest gains in 2016 in a year when the FANG stocks largely disappointed. Leading the S&P overall was one tech stock that more than tripled.
1/3/17 11:47AM
Tradebird users weigh in with their bullish or bearish opinions on different assets.
11/28/16 9:42AM
The political uncertainty created by Trump's surprising win is taking its toll on some high-flying tech stocks. But his domestic and offshore tax policies may be well-received by Silicon Valley.
11/11/16 1:28PM