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The boost is largely being driven by sales of the updated 12-inch MacBook.
8/15/17 7:36PM
The chip giant is betting it can keep PC processor sales steady as it grows elsewhere. AMD has other plans.
7/28/17 4:14PM
Broadcom has several catalysts which will send its stock shooting higher the remainder of 2017.
7/17/17 1:53PM
PC shipments overall fell once again, however.
7/13/17 9:07AM
The iPhone 8 and new Intel server chips could provide an extra boost to a booming memory industry during its seasonally stronger months.
6/16/17 12:17PM
You may want to stay away from tech, from the crowded trades. But maybe you shouldn't give up so easily, says Jim Cramer.
6/16/17 9:52AM
The company's new Xbox One X console caters to gaming enthusiasts, and is priced accordingly.
6/12/17 8:45PM
Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela said the tech giant is focused on other things besides being 'the cool kid.'
5/29/17 5:15PM
The world's two biggest PC makers report positive shipment growth. And thanks to strong demand for gaming PCs and high-end notebooks, their revenue grew faster still.
5/25/17 12:55PM
In a move to compete against the Amazon Echo, Microsoft will begin implementing its Cortana digital assistant software into hardware provided by Intel and HP.
5/10/17 11:57AM
The company's new Surface Laptop and classroom-focused Windows 10 S operating system are just the latest examples of its product teams showing better focus and execution.
5/2/17 4:54PM
With many of the chipmaker's key 2017 product launches not having occurred yet, it might be erring on the side of caution.
5/2/17 10:05AM
Microsoft is reportedly prepping a cheaper version of Windows meant to win back share from Chromebooks. Google is helping partners launch cheap Chromebooks that can run Android apps.
4/25/17 12:29PM
Demand appears stable for now, as interest among some PC users in newer technologies offsets slow upgrade rates among others.
4/12/17 4:36PM