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Communications Equipment

Shenzhen-based telecommunications equipment supplier has reported a 29.8pc increase in net profit for the six months ended June 30
7/19/17 8:51AM
World's largest wireless network operator put at a disadvantage by central government's decision to back narrow band IoT, a standard it does not support
7/3/17 9:45PM
Analysts see the country's largest-listed telecommunications equipment supplier benefiting from a fresh slate of mobile infrastructures projects worldwide
6/26/17 8:16AM
Mainland Chinese 5G investments will span 2020 to 2030, benefiting domestic network and smartphone suppliers
6/19/17 1:11AM
The carrier's latest offer to get those using rival services to switch sounds almost too good to be true.
6/15/17 4:16PM
The company reportedly plans to use Intel modems in some iPhone 8 models.
6/10/17 4:00PM
The company's reported plans to create an AI chip could aid its privacy goals.
6/10/17 9:00AM
The chip giant insists it's not interested in Toshiba's massive flash memory unit. As its latest earnings and guidance show, there's nothing wrong with staying the course.
6/2/17 12:57PM
Though it's harder to find tech value plays now, they still exist.
5/30/17 8:00PM
Current decline resembles two prior sharp selloffs in 2015.
5/11/17 11:26AM
If more Internet of Things services can pick up in the near future in various business segments such as smart meters and smart homes, they may come to drive 5G capital expenditure
5/11/17 5:31AM
Apple has instructed its contract manufacturers to stop paying royalties to Qualcomm altogether. Injunction requests and an end to Qualcomm's iPhone modem sales are among the possible next steps.
4/29/17 1:40AM