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Now that the White House has shot down Broadcom's hostile bid for Qualcomm, Broadcom and Intel might both eye new targets. Albeit for pretty different reasons.
3/14/18 7:30AM
Business isn't great right now for these companies. But there's a good chance it'll be better in a year or two.
3/8/18 7:27AM
It's game time for 5G technology. Here's how it will impact your life.
3/1/18 6:33PM
Samsung, LG, Sprint, Qualcomm and others all made noteworthy announcements at the year's biggest mobile trade show.
3/1/18 3:50PM
Consumers can expect the hype over 5G to increase over the next two years as authorities complete the technical standard and spectrum allocation for the advanced mobile system
2/28/18 7:33PM
Samsung revealed its new Galaxy S9 smartphone late Sunday, a potentially faster and notably cheaper challenger to Apple's iPhone X as both handset makers attempt to wow customers in a slowing global market.
2/26/18 6:05AM
Samsung's Galaxy S9 will be shown off at the mobile industry's biggest trade show. Also look for announcements from Google, Qualcomm and other big industry players.
2/24/18 9:00AM
Telecommunications equipment maker Huawei has signed up a group of major US electronics retailers to distribute and promote its Mate 10 Pro Android model in the world's third-largest smartphone market
2/5/18 6:27AM
The tech giants have all sold off following their earnings reports. Here are some top takeaways.
2/1/18 6:30PM
EU regulators allege that the discounts Qualcomm gave Apple as part of a modem exclusivity deal violated antitrust law. That could make it tougher for Broadcom to pursue similar deals, should its offer for Qualcomm succeed.
1/25/18 7:00AM
Even with a rocky outlook for the tech sector, top analysts are confident that these five 'Strong Buy' tech stocks are poised to explode in 2018. Here are five top stock ideas for your portfolio, including Zynga which is still trading at just $3.72:
1/22/18 11:00AM
While using free WiFi in public spots is appealing, this shared access is a playgound for hackers.
1/4/18 4:57PM
A Guangzhou metro line is thought to be the first in the world fitted with real-time, high-res 4K CCTV capable of working with facial recognition software
1/2/18 7:01PM
Red Hat CFO Eric Shander says the cloud infrastructure company's big run-up reflects how it's 'very well positioned' for the Internet of Things revolution.
12/16/17 10:06AM
The media giant envisions very different roles for Hulu and its newer streaming services. It also has big international ambitions.
12/15/17 6:20AM