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Communications Equipment

Strong demand from Samsung and China is giving the RF chip giant a boost. Given recent industry news, investors in mobile chip peers have to be pleased.
1/20/17 4:23PM
Some of the FTC's allegations against Qualcomm are questionable. But other claims are more worrisome, particularly given that foreign regulators have made them as well.
1/18/17 4:00PM
Both 5G and virtual reality are still in their early innings, but a number of eye-opening applications have been dreamt up for each of them.
1/13/17 12:16PM
Amid slowing sales in China, Apple is reportedly in talks with government officials to begin manufacturing goods in India and has tapped Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron to build a facility.
12/30/16 10:34AM
Ciena stock hasn't moved much in 2016. But there could be good things in store for this networking company.
12/7/16 8:18AM
Discover Financial Services and Verizon Communications have dividend yields that will likely grow next year.
11/9/16 2:54PM
Smartphones are now a low-growth market. That's making big mobile chip suppliers willing to use M&A to expand their product lines.
11/5/16 6:00AM
A string of downbeat earnings reports suggests weak telecom capital spending will take a toll on many companies. That includes some optical component high-flyers.
10/31/16 9:22AM
The cell tower company reported growth in the last quarter and plenty of opportunity for more ahead.
10/28/16 9:23AM
Analysts highlighted growth in Apple's services sector, but some worry that supply constraints prevented the company from taking advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle.
10/26/16 10:09AM
This telecommunication stock is at eight-year lows, but don't believe the optimists who say it offers a window of opportunity.
10/18/16 10:04AM
The number of cars with built-in web connectivity is soaring. Here's a look at some of the companies that could benefit.
10/18/16 9:30AM
While companies love to trumpet their exposure to IoT, it often accounts for just a small part of their business.
10/18/16 7:30AM
5G, due to begin ramping around 2020, delivers improvements over 4G that should be valuable for Internet of Things deployments. That could expand the addressable market of many chipmakers.
10/18/16 7:00AM
While some of Ericsson's problems are company-specific, both the company and many of its peers are dealing with a weak carrier spending environment that might not improve soon.
10/12/16 4:03PM