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Bien Perez and Viola Zhou;
3/23/17 4:02AM
U.S. stock futures are lower and European stocks decline Monday after G-20 Finance Ministers drop a pledge to oppose trade protectionism because of resistance from the Trump administration.
3/20/17 7:12AM
Vodafone said Monday that it is merging its subsidiary in India with Idea Cellular that will create the country's biggest telecoms operator with over 400 million customers.
3/20/17 3:20AM
Research has shown regular humans (let alone Hongkongers) get stressed and their hearts go ba-boom when there's a delay loading handset content, so lightning-fast downloads should calm us all down
3/19/17 6:15PM
Ciena is a networking equipment maker that could benefit from Alphabet's reported expansion in India.
3/17/17 11:23AM
Consumers watch video differently on smartphones than on PCs and TVs. Tech giants are responding with content and ads meant specifically for mobile devices.
3/16/17 4:38PM
Though it's possible that Qualcomm will lose its remaining modem business with Apple, the company appears poised to regain some of the Android share it has lost.
3/15/17 8:04AM
Chinese studios are on a learning curve as Sino-US film collaborations create both bombs and blockbusters
3/15/17 1:16AM
5G could be a $1.23 trillion industry by 2026, Ericsson predicts.
3/6/17 5:40PM
Bitcoin prices climbed almost 4% Thursday, momentarily equaling the price of gold, before climbing past the yellow metal.
3/2/17 4:40PM
The operator's 5G field tests this year will cover Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing
3/1/17 6:54AM
Two sides say they will develop new technology platform that will seamlessly move an AT&T business customer's IoT subscription to China Mobile's vast wireless domestic service
2/26/17 10:48PM
New mobile chip launches could yield more pain for an industry that's already having a rough time.
2/25/17 6:01AM
Eleven U.S. cities are set to test Verizon's 5G network starting in the first half of 2017.
2/22/17 9:55AM