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Workday's strong results and guidance follow healthy numbers from other cloud software names, and make Oracle and SAP's harsh rhetoric towards the company look questionable.
8/25/16 1:48PM
Oracle is a contributor to the Google Transparency Project. The FCC is sick of robocalls plaguing U.S. consumers.
8/19/16 4:45PM
Cisco is cutting jobs as it transitions from hardware to software.
8/18/16 7:09AM
Today, Mr. Trump, we've got some good news for you: stock-wise, recent days have been better for you than they have for your rival, Hillary Clinton.
8/15/16 2:17PM
Oracle's four-week consolidation may be giving way to a fresh bull run into new 2016 high territory.
8/15/16 2:14PM
The software giant becomes the latest victim of a breach related to retail customer data.
8/9/16 2:37PM
Oracle (ORCL) detected hackers in certain payment systems on Monday.
8/8/16 2:39PM
Last week was turbulent for Donald Trump -- his portfolio. too. The 15 investments we track that should benefit from his presidency are down more than 1% on the week.
8/8/16 8:59AM
It's time to unload these stocks from your portfolio.
8/5/16 8:19AM
IBM's second-quarter earnings show that the tech giant is on the right path. Here's why it's still a great value play.
8/4/16 12:11PM
Oracle's $9.3 billion acquisition of NetSuite is the latest example of Oracle's commitment to growing its cloud-based services, according to Steve Daheb, Senior Vice President of Oracle Cloud.
8/1/16 4:58PM
Donald Trump has had a bumpy last several days, but the stocks that stand to do well under his presidency haven't felt the effects.
8/1/16 12:22PM
Joe Atkinson, a technology, infocomm, entertainment and media advisory leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers, says its all fueled by access to markets and consumers.
7/30/16 11:06AM
Thoma Bravo is considering a sale of software provider Deltek after Oracle's (ORCL) $9.3 billion NetSuite (N) purchase.
7/29/16 11:07AM
Traditional retailers like Macy's and Kohl's Corporation face challenges in competing with Amazon during this summer's back-to-school shopping rush.
7/29/16 8:59AM
Oracle's (ORCL) acquisition of Netsuite (N) for $9.3 billion will give Oracle a leg up in its cloud business, CNBC reports.
7/28/16 4:24PM
Product overlap and conflicts of interest abound for Oracle's $9.3 billion cloud acquisition.
7/28/16 3:39PM
Stocks are mixed on Thursday as an earnings miss from Ford clouds a number of better-than-expected quarters from other major companies.
7/28/16 2:50PM
The executive once scoffed at the cloud, but now the company is set to purchase a main industry player. Here is how this move will benefit Oracle and its investors.
7/28/16 2:36PM