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The GOP has lit a match on tax reform, but nobody seems to know the length or texture of the fuse.
2/25/17 9:25AM
Weak demand from an unnamed "tier-1 service provider" is hurting HPE's server sales and portends some troubling developments. Microsoft's cloud unit is the most likely culprit.
2/24/17 4:40PM
The currency theory behind House Republicans' tax plan could make your next trip abroad less expensive.
2/22/17 2:55PM
16 executives from companies like Boeing, General Electric, Oracle and Pfizer sent a letter to congressional leaders on Tuesday supporting the House GOP tax plan.
2/21/17 10:57AM
Executives from 16 companies, including Boeing, Oracle and Pfizer, are weighing in to support the increasingly-contentious border adjustment tax
2/21/17 10:47AM
Companies like Apple, Microsoft and Cisco can afford aggressive buybacks and dividends, but activists could force others with offshore cash to choose between equity and debt holders.
2/17/17 12:18PM
The company's new online conferencing solution, Chime, is the latest in a string of cloud software product launches competing with the likes of Microsoft, Cisco and Alphabet.
2/14/17 4:37PM
Here's what the charts have to say about breakouts for old-school tech titans Cisco, Jabil and Oracle.
2/8/17 6:25AM
Jim Cramer takes a closer look at the risks: Don't measure 'Trump per share,' measure actual earnings per share.
2/7/17 8:07PM
These stocks may lack the sex appeal of the cloud, mobile, social and artificial intelligence names, but they've got lots of upside.
2/7/17 7:00PM
A proposed tax holiday could spark more acquisitions by the tech giant and a dividend hike, too.
2/1/17 3:07PM
Strong results and guidance from several prominent tech firms yield valuable insights on how different parts of the sector are faring.
1/31/17 9:30AM
The company's $3.7 billion deal to buy AppDynamics suggests it wants to be an end-to-end provider of tools for managing IT infrastructures. That could pave the way for more deals.
1/25/17 3:29PM
F5 shares are up big over the last 52 weeks. Chris Laudani sees the stock rising to $150. The company reports earnings late Wednesday.
1/25/17 9:40AM
President Donald Trump's decision to shelve the Trans-Pacific Partnership doesn't come as a surprise to much of corporate America, but it doesn't mean they're all happy about it either.
1/24/17 7:00AM
Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and Alphabet alone have more than $500 billion stashed offshore.
1/23/17 10:17AM
After a decent year, Trump looms large over M&A activity, cross-border deals especially. The Deal, TheStreet's sister publication for dealmakers is out with its 2016 ranking of advisers.
1/23/17 10:02AM
Donald Trump is now in the White House. Here are some ideas on how to play it.
1/21/17 12:50PM
There could be a major windfall for Fortune 500 companies.
1/19/17 1:09PM