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Donald Trump's presidency has been a boon for a private prison company that backed his campaign.
4/29/17 11:20AM
Can Microsoft, Alphabet, IBM, Alibaba or Oracle catch Amazon Web Services?
4/28/17 1:42PM
In a study of analyst recommendations at the major brokerages, for the underlying components of the S&P 500, Oracle Corp has taken over the #126 spot from Parker Hannifin Corp , according to ETF Channel. Below is a chart of Oracle Corp versus Parker Hannifin Corp plotting their respective rank within the S&P 500 over time (ORCL plotted in blue; PH plotted in green): In forming the rank, the analyst opinions from the major brokerage houses were tallied, and averaged; then, the underlying components were ranked according to those averages.
4/27/17 11:47AM
A holiday would fund dividends and buy-backs, among other things, for some of the largest tech companies.
4/27/17 11:15AM
Jim Cramer maintains this rally is fueled by the strong performance of U.S. companies, but says it's worth assessing stock market valuations.
4/25/17 8:01PM
Private prison stocks lead the rally in TheStreet's Trump Portfolio
4/24/17 6:34PM
The software giant is making good on its promise to use LinkedIn data to enhance existing products. And LinkedIn is giving its oft-criticized user experience a facelift.
4/24/17 4:41PM
The enhancements to Dynamics 365, Microsoft's sales software, will present a challenge to and represent Microsoft's first significant initiative from its $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn
4/24/17 12:30PM
A new study by Equilar finds that women who lead the largest U.S. firms far outpace their male counterparts when it comes to total compensation.
4/23/17 5:25PM
The software giant and its peers have snapped up many providers of tools that help marketers run ad campaigns. A fragmented market and strong demand could yield more deals.
4/22/17 10:15AM
Oracle announced the purchase earlier this week, but did not disclose the purchase price.
4/20/17 10:09AM
Oracle will help Charter target ads to its 16.5 million subscribers.
4/19/17 12:34PM
Wercker was founded in Amsterdam in 2012.
4/17/17 10:15AM
The president's first meeting with China's leader could define the terms on a host of issues that are critical to U.S. tech companies, including potential tariffs, M&A activity and IP.
4/6/17 5:42PM
Investors are nervously eyeing the growing chaos in the White House and overseas. Here's a tech stock that combines growth and safety, with powerful trends in its favor.
4/5/17 12:09PM
In the short term, all that matters in the market is what someone is willing to pay, says Jim Cramer.
4/4/17 9:02PM
Rosenblatt Securities also maintained a 'Buy' rating on the stock.
4/3/17 2:27PM
Cramer shares his views on how the market is stronger than you think, and discusses how ConocoPhillips is telling us we're at peak oil price.
4/3/17 1:00AM
The Trump Team is under growing scrutiny for its potential complicity in election-year cyber attacks, which brings this tech company's specialty to the fore.
3/31/17 11:04AM