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Like Salesforce, Workday is seeing slowing growth in its original market. To keep growing rapidly, the company needs to expand its presence in adjacent fields featuring tough competition.
12/2/16 4:40PM
Amazon Web Services is building up a formidable range of features and partners, challenging the big enterprise software providers.
12/2/16 2:30PM
The company unveiled new features at this year's Amazon Web Services conference, making a convincing argument that rivals can't match the breadth of its offerings.
12/1/16 11:35AM
Though competition is getting tougher, Amazon Web Services is doing what's needed to land major enterprise deals and deter customers from leaving for Microsoft or Google's clouds.
11/29/16 9:49AM
Consumer strength during third quarter bodes well for holiday shopping season.
11/29/16 9:07AM
Weak sales growth, large cash balances and still-favorable credit markets have enterprise giants willing to open up their checkbooks. An offshore cash tax deal could provide a fresh incentive.
11/22/16 5:26PM
Wall Street scores a trifecta of record closes on Monday as a crude oil rally gives stocks an across-the-board boost.
11/21/16 4:05PM
Wall Street is on track for record closes for all the benchmark indices as crude oil resumes its rally.
11/21/16 2:55PM
Stocks climbed Monday as investors pinned hopes on a production freeze agreement among members of OPEC.
11/21/16 12:14PM
Ted Smith, president of Union Square Advisors, calls the president-elect a 'mixed bag' for investors.
11/21/16 11:07AM
Stocks are higher on Monday as an early-morning surge in crude oil prices plateaus around $47 a barrel.
11/21/16 10:43AM
Salesforce and Microsoft are no longer frenemies, Cramer says -- they're enemies.
11/18/16 10:28AM
Shares of Oracle have been very volatile, a pattern that appears to be ending positively.
11/18/16 7:43AM
The cloud computing giant reports third-quarter earnings on Thursday and investors will be looking for CEO Marc Benioff to address its guidance and comment on the Trump effect.
11/17/16 12:53PM
TheStreet talks to representatives from the exchanges to explore what they are doing to entice companies, especially ahead of a number of big potential tech listings.
11/16/16 10:17AM
The election of Donald Trump is clearly a "mixed bag" for technology investors and investment bankers.
11/15/16 10:58AM
The new administration could free up overseas cash, but would cost Silicon Valley companies in other ways.
11/12/16 3:20PM
Enterprise software companies could be even more attractive merger targets if Trump reduces taxes on repatriated cash.
11/11/16 10:17AM
Demand for user-friendliness, agility allowing room for smaller players, a GP Bullhound research finds.
11/11/16 3:43AM
The most recent short interest data has been released for the 10/31/2016 settlement date, and we here at Dividend Channel like to sift through this fresh data and order the underlying components of the S&P 500 by "days to cover." There are a number of ways to look at short data, for example the total number of shares short; but one metric that we find particularly useful is the "days to cover" metric because it considers both the total shares short and the average daily volume of shares typically traded. The number of shares short is then compared to the average daily volume, in order to calculate the total number of trading days it would take to close out all of the open short positions if every share traded represented a short position being closed.
11/10/16 2:14PM