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Jim Cramer doesn't buy the backlash against Amazon. He says Prime is a very powerful tool and an irresistible bargain.
6/23/17 9:42AM
With $2 billion in new cloud annual recurring revenue during the FY 2017, Ellison said Oracle has topped Salesforce for the second consecutive year.
6/23/17 9:41AM
Jim Cramer says Oracle's management deserves to celebrate their performance.
6/23/17 6:38AM
Healthcare leads markets after the release of the Senate health plan.
6/22/17 8:00PM
The software giant's cloud momentum remains strong, and its traditional software sales aren't declining as much as they did before.
6/22/17 4:13PM
Healthcare leads markets after the release of the Senate health plan.
6/22/17 2:42PM
In the fourth quarter Oracle saw a more than 40% year over year growth in its cloud bookings to 855 million.
6/22/17 12:16PM
TheStreet's Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio Manager Jim Cramer weighs in on Thursday's trending stocks.
6/22/17 11:57AM
There are a few examples of anti-Amazon backlash, Jim Cramer says.
6/22/17 11:57AM
Oracle managed to impress a number of analysts with its latest blowout quarter.
6/22/17 9:43AM
U.S. stock futures are down slightly and global stocks slump amid continued concerns over slumping oil prices.
6/22/17 6:51AM
Oracle beat on both top and bottom line projections for its fourth quarter.
6/21/17 4:15PM
Oracle has quietly rallied some 20% on the year.
6/21/17 12:30PM
U.S. stock futures point to a weak start for Wall Street on Wednesday as oil prices tumble into bear-market territory.
6/21/17 6:47AM