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As frenzied as the M&A activity has already been among software companies, the pace of such deals may actually quicken. Here is a list of candidates who may be next.
7/22/16 10:02AM
As large tech groups and private sponsors shop for software companies, outfits with enterprise clients and cloud services have come into focus.
7/22/16 6:00AM
The tech giants are seeing booming cloud sales, but much of the growth is coming at the expense of traditional businesses.
7/20/16 2:57PM
Bullish about Donald Trump winning the White House? Then maybe you should bet on it.
7/18/16 9:42AM
Oracle is set up well for more upside but is beginning to run out of momentum.
7/18/16 8:21AM
The S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average hit record highs on Tuesday as investors turn bullish on the U.S. economy.
7/12/16 10:36AM
Oracle (ORCL) stock was upgraded to 'outperform' at BMO Capital given 'higher conviction' that it can meet the firm's and consensus estimates.
7/12/16 9:04AM
Stock futures are anticipating another big day on Wall Street Tuesday, as second-quarter earnings season gets underway.
7/12/16 8:48AM
Here are Tuesday's top research calls, including downgrades for Energizer and HollyFrontier, and upgrades for Oracle and Pinnacle Foods.
7/12/16 8:12AM
The 'machine learning' involved in General Electric's Predix platform is a game-changer and Microsoft is coming along for the ride, said TheStreet's Jim Cramer.
7/11/16 11:51AM
The specifics of reported job cuts at Oracle reveal much about the software giant's priorities.
7/9/16 11:00AM
A major overhaul for Microsoft's business software product lines leaves it well-positioned to continue gaining market share.
7/7/16 8:54AM
Larry Ellison is eyeing the same milestone as his enterprise software rival, but it will likely take a 'transformational' acquisition for Oracle to get there first.
7/7/16 8:52AM
VMware's CEO suggests acquisitions could be on top, Facebook Messenger gains traction and announces features for its chatbot platform, and Oracle plans to appeal damages awarded to HP.
7/2/16 8:00AM
Oracle (ORCL) stock is declining after the company was ordered to pay $3 billion in damages to Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in a case surrounding the latter’s Itanium servers.
7/1/16 9:06AM
The S&P 500 bounces back into positive territory for 2016 on Wednesday in day two of a post-Brexit comeback rally.
6/29/16 2:39PM
Wall Street extended its comeback rally into day two on Wednesday, led by the energy and materials sectors.
6/29/16 12:19PM
Oracle (ORCL) stock is rising after the enterprise software company was upgraded at JPMorgan on a valuation call.
6/29/16 10:57AM
Here are Wednesday's top research calls, including downgrades for Comerica, Coach and Harman, and an upgrade for Oracle.
6/29/16 8:13AM