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Adobe, Salesforce, Workday and are buys, said Samad Samana of Stephens.
9/30/16 11:46AM
Major NetSuite shareholders want Oracle to up its buyout price. Given how hungry Oracle is to grow its cloud exposure, the company could give in to their demands.
9/28/16 4:07PM
Stocks are expensive worldwide and those high valuations makes them vulnerable to bad news.
9/26/16 11:26AM
The stocks that stand to do well under a Donald Trump presidency pointed to good things in the week leading up to the showdown.
9/26/16 9:39AM
Stifel cut Oracle's (ORCL) price target to $45, noting that it's still a relatively new company in the service technology sector.
9/23/16 4:59PM
Oracle is banking on the cloud to lift earnings.
9/22/16 12:15PM
Red Hat topped earnings estimates thanks to growth in the cloud, Cramer says.
9/22/16 10:19AM
Just last week, Oracle reported earnings that despite showing growth in the company's cloud business failed to impress investors. That may change soon.
9/21/16 12:10PM
The software giant has realized its future lies in the cloud. Here's how investors stand to catch some profits from its business model shift.
9/21/16 12:06PM
Oracle (ORCL) CEO Safra Catz is standing by the proposed $9.3 billion deal for the acquisition of NetSuite (N), she told BloombergTV.
9/20/16 4:15PM
#BendGate was a short-lived Apple focal point. Will the reported hissing sound from the new device follow the same path?
9/19/16 4:31PM
Larry Ellison broadly proclaims that Oracle's latest offerings mean Amazon's cloud lead is over, but a closer examination shows where his company really stands.
9/19/16 4:14PM
Amid Oracle's effort to compete with Amazon in the cloud space, TheStreet's Jim Cramer said it's tough to go against Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
9/19/16 11:41AM
Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd told CNBC that the tech company is looking to make inroads in the infrastructure-as-a-service sector of cloud computing.
9/19/16 11:24AM
The company will continue to face challenges until it proves that it can compete at a higher level in the cloud arena.
9/19/16 11:23AM
The software giant's fiscal first-quarter results missed Wall Street expectations, but the stock looks like a contrarian buying opportunity.
9/19/16 11:23AM
Trump last week discussed his medical history with Dr. Oz and duped the media into broadcasting an endorsement event. Stocks that could prosper under his presidency made similarly odd moves.
9/19/16 10:09AM
Here's a technical look at how to trade some of the most active stocks on the market right now.
9/19/16 9:25AM
Here are Monday's top research calls, including upgrades for General Motors, Lockheed Martin and Wells Fargo, and a downgrade for PayPal.
9/19/16 8:16AM
Oracle will likely head lower in the near term, leading to lower entry opportunities for patient bulls.
9/19/16 8:11AM