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Every day TheStreet Ratings produces a list of the top rated stocks. The following 10 stocks are rated highest among software companies according to TheStreet Ratings' value-focused stock rating model.

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The Oracle of Omaha's tech investments all have one thing in common.
2/24/18 7:00AM
The company executed well last quarter. But it also got a lift from lower tax rates and short-term trends.
2/23/18 4:20PM
The cloud drove results for many of tech's biggest companies in the fourth quarter.
2/4/18 12:28PM
Apple led the list of tech giants seeing big declines on Friday, but not everyone got swept up in the wave of selling.
2/3/18 7:45AM
It's February already. These stocks are ones that you should check out quickly.
2/1/18 12:11PM
The technology giant may be moving to liquidate its position. Shares are likely shifting into hedge fund hands, which is a positive for Jeff Smith's total boardroom takeover effort.
1/24/18 4:07PM
Repatriation may benefit all of the software sector, Jefferies analysts say. Here are the biggest winners, and what they could have at stake.
1/18/18 9:13AM
Stephen 'Sarge' Guilfoyle gives you a peek inside his order book. From Apple to General Electric, there are many good buys.
1/13/18 9:19AM
The outlook for the stock market in 2018 remains strong despite a dour reading on U.S. employment for December.
1/7/18 3:04PM
TheStreet's founder and Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio Manager Jim Cramer weighs in on Wednesday's trending stocks.
1/3/18 4:44PM
Shares of IBM and Oracle are not only cheap, they may have catalysts in place to propel their stocks higher, Jim Cramer contends.
1/3/18 1:01PM
Analysts across the board upgraded a host of major stocks on Wednesday, including Oracle, IBM and United Technologies, among others.
1/3/18 11:13AM
Recreational use of marijuana is now legal in California, but don't get lost among the weeds of stocks.
1/2/18 8:19AM
The cannabis industry is growing but isn't easy to work with, said Kush CEO Nick Kovacevich. But the company is carving a new niche -- and growing fast.
12/28/17 9:49AM
Microsoft has a chart that shows support for the price. And, the fundamentals still look solid.
12/22/17 1:30AM
Just a few days after issuing disappointing cloud growth guidance, Oracle announced a new 10-figure cloud acquisition.
12/19/17 7:00AM