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9:52 AM ET 01/19/17

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Real Estate

In highlights from this week's trading diary and posts, Kass tells us about how the first day of the Trump Era went, and explains how he feels about brick-and-mortar retailers.
1/20/17 9:00PM
With mortgage rates on the rise, you need to arm yourself with the right knowledge to nab the best deals while you can.
1/20/17 4:58PM
These stocks have a long track record of consistent monthly dividends.
1/20/17 4:46PM
Riots have broken out in D.C. after Donald Trump became President of the United States.
1/20/17 3:36PM
If Donald Trump wants to keep the market rally going past his inauguration, he's going to need to do a lot more than tweet.
1/20/17 1:20PM
Here are the people that are going to be surrounding Trump in his brand new boardroom at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
1/20/17 1:00PM
Donald Trump invoked the economic populist message that carried him to the White House during his inaugural address.
1/20/17 1:00PM
Though it's hard to predict which parts of Trump's tax policy will become law, it's worth taking a gaze into the future with these prognostications.
1/20/17 12:45PM
U.K. stocks fell, weighed down by retailers, while continental stocks rose.
1/20/17 12:41PM
Sorry investors, your post-election honeymoon comes to an end. At noon today, the Trump rally gets real.
1/20/17 9:38AM
Accor's plans to sell a stake in its $7.05 billion property unit will free cash to return to shareholders and to pursue M&A. That has sparked a ratings change.
1/20/17 9:37AM
The U.S. president-elect has vowed to strengthen ties with Israel, and that could draw greater attention to Israel's robust economy.
1/20/17 7:26AM
Donald Trump has had a lot of success in business, but how will he be for the economy as president? Here's how his economic policies will play out.
1/20/17 7:00AM
Donald Trump has won the White House. Here are some ideas on how to play it.
1/20/17 7:00AM
The charts of these and two other big stocks are flashing warning signs at investors.
1/20/17 6:01AM
Shares of these three business development companies offer yields of up to 11%.
1/19/17 3:11PM
Steven Mnuchin waded into an unexpectedly murky swamp on Thursday: answering for undisclosed interests and millions of dollars in assets.
1/19/17 1:22PM
Investors eyeing a purchase of Altisource Portfolio Solutions SA shares, but cautious about paying the going market price of $26.35/share, might benefit from considering selling puts among the alternative strategies at their disposal. One interesting put contract in particular, is the July put at the $20 strike, which has a bid at the time of this writing of $1.20.
1/19/17 1:21PM