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Every day TheStreet Ratings produces a list of the top rated stocks, by industry. The following consumer finance stocks are rated highest by our value-focused model. This list will be updated as upgrades and downgrades occur.

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Two bizarre things have transpired at Apple of late that calls into question something very basic. In short, what's up with the world's largest tech company?
9/21/17 6:04PM
Ever wonder about the lifestyle of billionaire Warren Buffett? While his worth is in the billions, his pleasures in life are simple. TheStreet takes a look at his homes, his cars and his tastes (including a Cherry Coke a day to keep the bears away!)
9/21/17 2:20PM
You shouldn't touch your retirement savings early, but your 401(k) will be fine if you can repay an emergency loan quickly.
9/21/17 1:43PM
Amazon continues to be relentless on price. In a new note, one analyst has firsthand evidence of Amazon taking the fight to grocery stores.
9/20/17 5:54PM
Analysts disagree on whether Equifax could wind up more like S&P, or ChoicePoint. One thing is for sure, it could get pretty ugly.
9/20/17 5:04PM
PayPal's stock has been on a tear this year for several reasons. Chief among them is that the company is reinventing itself in the age of digital payments. PayPal as just a company that lets you buy stuff in a retail store is no longer the case.
9/20/17 12:31PM
Doug Kass shares his thoughts on some key stocks and reviews some equities.
9/18/17 1:00AM
Low limits and high rates make deposit-driven secured cards a better bet.
9/17/17 1:00PM
Though no stranger to helping suppliers foot the bill for new production lines, Apple now also seems willing to take stakes in suppliers to further strategic goals.
9/15/17 6:30PM
The Freedom From Equifax Exploitation, or FREE, ACT, further complicates a precarious situation for CEO Richard Smith.
9/15/17 6:00PM
With the U.S. real estate market heating up, more and more people are trying to land a new home loan, and a new home. Is that possible? You bet.
9/15/17 11:00AM
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been looking out for the little guy since the recession 10 years ago, and this […]
9/14/17 1:47PM
Macau's checks suggest that premium gamblers will be hurt by the cash withdrawal limits.
9/14/17 12:49PM