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Akebia is a lot like other small biotech companies with quality management teams executing well but ignored by investors for reasons that don't really make much sense fundamentally.
4/26/17 10:59AM
Investors focus on a drug's efficacy and safety. Much less time is spent considering the importance of manufacturing, even though it is a vital step in the drug approval process.
4/26/17 7:42AM
The new licensing deal between Akebia and Otsuka expands upon a pact made last December for U.S. commercial rights.
4/25/17 4:25PM
Biogen adjusted profit rose in the first quarter on a small increase in total revenue. Sales of the biotech company's multiple sclerosis drugs remain flat.
4/25/17 9:34AM
When Biogen reports first-quarter earnings Tuesday, investors will be looking to see if Spinraza sales match or exceed $16 million consensus.
4/24/17 8:50AM
If approved, Brineura will be the first and only treatment for CLN2 disease, a form of Batten disease.
4/24/17 12:01AM
Postmenopausal women already have a broad menu of locally administered estrogen therapy products to treat vulvar and vaginal atrophy.
4/21/17 8:27AM
XBiotech's efforts to shade Xilonix's clinical failings amounted to little more than hand waving when it mattered most. European regulators at the oral explanation meeting on Thursday were not fooled.
4/21/17 8:00AM
Tesaro's newly approved PARP inhibitor Zejula is really 50% more expensive than its list price implies.
4/19/17 4:47PM
Alpine Immune Sciences, a cancer immunotherapy company founded by former Dendreon CEO Mitch Gold, is listing publicly through a merger with Nivalis Therapeutics.
4/18/17 5:03PM
Over the past five years, the FDA has often used half-day sessions of the Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee (ODAC) to administer public floggings to flawed cancer drugs.
4/18/17 1:31PM
Imagine a derailed freight train carrying dumpsters on fire. That's an accurate description of the Northwest Bio 10-K filed Monday night.
4/18/17 8:52AM
The data to emerge from Novartis' JULIET study is of keen interest to investors because it will be compared against Kite Pharma's competing "CAR-T" KTE-C19 in the same DLBCL patients.
4/18/17 7:05AM
The FDA action was a win for Pfizer because Xeljanz escapes competition for one year or more.
4/17/17 10:51AM
Gilead, Pfizer, Abbvie stand to gain from Lilly and Incyte Rheumatoid Arthritis Setback.
4/16/17 9:33PM