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E-Cigarettes are now the most commonly used form of tobacco among young people in the U.S.
8/20/17 5:57PM
Asia is the Alamo for cigarette makers, site of their last stand. When will cigarette producers realize the future burns electric?
8/20/17 3:00PM
The maker of Marlboro cigarettes is facing punitive action in India over sales tactics which may have violated the country's anti-smoking laws.
8/18/17 11:56AM
In its continued effort to get New Yorkers healthy and away from cigarettes, the New York City Council has […]
8/14/17 10:28AM
The new initiative comes about a week after tobacco stocks got slammed by the FDA's decision to reduce nicotine levels in tobacco products.
8/8/17 1:58PM
As volatility has reached low levels, its impact on stocks and options has been largely ignored until recently. Tobacco stocks were hit hard recently.
8/2/17 9:59AM
British American Tobacco shares are up in smoke again Tuesday
8/1/17 3:53AM
This FDA regulatory change hasn't created a buying opportunity like past changes have.
7/31/17 12:33PM
Several stocks spent Monday's trading session in the red, and here's why.
7/31/17 12:10PM
The FDA wants to protect children and limit tobacco-related diseases by changing the way cigarettes are made.
7/28/17 4:13PM