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The number of high school students who smoked cigarettes in the 30 days before being surveyed fell to 8% from 9.3% in 2015.
6/17/17 2:00PM
BAT shares edged higher Wednesday even as investors eyed ongoing weakness in some of its core markets following a solid trading update for the first half of its financial year.
6/14/17 7:43AM
With Washington looking farther than ever from passing tax reform, what should investors do?
5/31/17 6:15AM
The agency has established a one-year timetable for reviewing modified risk tobacco product applications.
5/25/17 12:06PM
The firm initiated coverage with an 'overweight' rating.
5/25/17 10:38AM
If you've had some health issues or your family health history looks a bit bleak, there are still ways to get coverage without incurring huge costs.
5/11/17 10:19AM
Smoking kills and costs taxpayers billions to treat. But a legal move to increase the size of health warnings on cigarette packets has met fierce resistance
5/4/17 8:33PM
Paul Stapleton is left puzzled by the government's self-congratulatory stance on bargaining down future power bills, when conservation aims are already struggling against profligate consumption by Hongkongers in a low-tariff environment
5/1/17 12:46AM
If health alerts cover 85 per cent of the surface, the trade fears more smokers will turn to illicit tobacco products
4/24/17 6:11AM
The stock is ready to breakout of an inverse head-and-shoulders pattern, and rally back to all-time highs.
4/20/17 6:58AM
This innovative biotech offers investors an intriguing play on the medical marijuana business.
3/30/17 4:13PM
Hong Kong's ability to list mega companies is a huge asset to the mainland - it is a piggy bank that provides cash in return for obeying a few rules
3/15/17 10:54PM
Stocks that 'Joe Six-Pack' might be interested in buying.
3/9/17 10:00AM