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This tobacco giant is developing alternatives to keep revenue flowing.
12/2/16 2:07PM
Nestle, British American Tobacco and Diageo are exploring healthier options as consumers' habits change.
12/2/16 9:01AM
The company is focusing on what it believes to be a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes.
11/30/16 1:26PM
This manufacturer features some of the most iconic brands in its industry, and could offer growth and income.
11/21/16 8:32AM
U.S. stock futures are higher Tuesday and the Dow Jones Industrial Average looks poised to rise for its seventh session in a row.
11/15/16 6:28AM
Shares in the would-be acquirer have fallen 12% since it announced the offer, eroding the value of the stock component.
11/15/16 6:06AM
Imperial Brands' restructuring hit ahead of new EU rules on cigarette sales overshadowed solid full-year earnings Tuesday, but some investors may be ignoring underlying strengths.
11/8/16 8:37AM
Opko Healthcare's CEO is chairman of an investment bank and number 134 on the Forbes 400 richest people in the world.
11/4/16 6:51PM
British American Tobacco is on the cusp of becoming the world's largest tobacco company, making it the most attractive play on trends transforming the industry.
10/31/16 2:30PM
A documentary film finds fault with the government's decision to regulate electronic cigarettes.
10/29/16 11:07AM
Other Asian countries could follow the Philippines' lead; the ban is the latest example of increasingly tight regulations on smoking worldwide.
10/22/16 8:33AM
Camel cigarette maker Reynolds received a $47 billion offer from British American Tobacco. Reynolds is one of America's most iconic companies. Below is an ad from RJR Reynolds in 1946.
10/21/16 5:39PM
Deal news has been downbeat this year -- but they are getting done.
10/21/16 4:28PM
Reynolds American will now consider a $47 billion buyout from British American Tobacco just two days after its CEO announced her impending retirement.
10/21/16 3:58PM
British American Tobacco's $47 billion offer to purchase Reynolds American could face hurdles from shareholders as well as regulators.
10/21/16 3:39PM