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Recent studies suggest that e-cigarettes aren't as safe as previously thought.
2/26/18 12:21PM
(pictured above: the IQOS system, credit: Philip Morris International) The Government is Still Shutdown, Vote to Come Around Noon […]
1/22/18 7:58AM
The crisis could seemingly turn a number of companies on their heads much in the way that big tobacco suits of the late 1990s forever changed the tobacco industry.
1/7/18 7:18AM
Regulator scrutiny of Philip Morris's new smoking device, IQOS, heats up as critics say further trials should be conducted.
12/21/17 2:55PM
After a decade of back and forth, big tobacco companies including Altria and British American will run anti-smoking ads under a court order. Ads will run during primetime television and in prominent newspapers starting this weekend.
11/25/17 4:40PM
Comparison shopping can save you big bucks. In addition, here are 10 more ways you can save.
10/19/17 3:00AM
The ads are part of a settlement for a suit brought against firms almost 20 years ago.
10/3/17 9:29AM
E-Cigarettes are now the most commonly used form of tobacco among young people in the U.S.
8/20/17 5:57PM
Asia is the Alamo for cigarette makers, site of their last stand. When will cigarette producers realize the future burns electric?
8/20/17 3:00PM
The maker of Marlboro cigarettes is facing punitive action in India over sales tactics which may have violated the country's anti-smoking laws.
8/18/17 11:56AM
In its continued effort to get New Yorkers healthy and away from cigarettes, the New York City Council has […]
8/14/17 10:28AM
The new initiative comes about a week after tobacco stocks got slammed by the FDA's decision to reduce nicotine levels in tobacco products.
8/8/17 1:58PM