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Cramer shares his views on the agriculture cycle and takes a look at the disaster that is retail right now.
1/9/17 1:00AM
Gap reported an uptick in same-store sales in December at its namesake and Old Navy brands.
1/6/17 12:12PM
Jim Cramer says this rally relies on a speedy end to regulation, fast repatriation of foreign money and corporate tax reform.
1/5/17 8:26PM
The Dow Jones Industrial Average's shot at 20,000 grows more remote on Thursday as disappointing holiday sales and store closure news sour market sentiment.
1/5/17 6:14PM
Stocks move mostly lower on Thursday as disappointing holiday sales crush retail names.
1/5/17 2:40PM
U.S. stocks sink into the red on Thursday as disappointing holiday sales tank retail names.
1/5/17 12:07PM
Stocks sink into the red on Thursday morning as disappointing holiday sales tank retail names.
1/5/17 11:22AM
It's about time for McDonald's executives to thank shareholders for sticking things out.
12/31/16 12:40PM
With the loss of Disney Princess and amid a sluggish earnings growth rate, shareholders may want to think about selling Mattel stock.
12/29/16 11:06AM
Shares of Target have reached a key support zone offering patient investors a low-risk entry opportunity.
12/27/16 4:48PM
The e-commerce giant shared some genuinely impressive figures in its annual holiday press release. Others, however, are PR fluff or a rehashing of well-known facts.
12/27/16 1:30PM
Jim Cramer ponders how it's OK again to like stocks (count your blessings), and points out that with Icahn advising Trump, banks are the way to bet.
12/23/16 9:00PM
Two big indicators suggest consumers are growing more confident in the economy as Trump prepares to take office.
12/23/16 11:11AM
The holiday season may have stunk for retailers.
12/23/16 9:20AM
Perhaps it is time to change the way we measure performance in retail.
12/23/16 7:27AM