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While tough to live through, Hasbro says the toy business will continue to be strong despite the bankruptcy of Toys R' Us.
2/20/18 7:02AM
Hasbro has watched a key retailer in Toys R' Us fall on hard times. How big a problem for Hasbro is Toys R' Us' big-time struggles?
2/20/18 7:00AM
The sales on Presidents Day are generally pretty epic. As are the stock prices of some of the retail stocks, even in the midst of this shaky market. And since "shaky" may be an understatement, consider a little retail therapy this weekend and watch our video to take advantage of some of these great sales!
2/18/18 10:06AM
The most recent short interest data has been released for the 01/12/2018 settlement date, and we here at Dividend Channel like to sift through this fresh data and order the underlying components of the S&P 500 by "days to cover." There are a number of ways to look at short data, for example the total number of shares short; but one metric that we find particularly useful is the "days to cover" metric because it considers both the total shares short and the average daily volume of shares typically traded. The number of shares short is then compared to the average daily volume, in order to calculate the total number of trading days it would take to close out all of the open short positions if every share traded represented a short position being closed.
2/8/18 8:22AM
Jim Cramer highlights Target, Triton, Covanta, and Corcept Therapeutics.
2/8/18 6:32AM
Jim Cramer says fundamentals of a stock matter less than the mechanics of how this market works. Investors need to be able to handle this kind of volatility.
2/8/18 6:16AM
Coffee company Keurig will soon take a controlling stake in the newly formed Keurig Dr Pepper.
1/29/18 9:34AM
A special report on why the end could be near for an iconic American brand.
1/25/18 6:00AM
Jump quickly, says Jim Cramer, and if you've done your homework, you can pick up great stocks at discounted prices.
1/22/18 8:59PM
Finally, this high-tech convenience store will open its doors. Amazon may be about to unveil the future of shopping.
1/21/18 4:17PM
A day that will live in infamy? PayPal chief Dan Schulman says so as it pertains to Amazon buying Whole Foods.
1/15/18 12:37PM
The Nasdaq led the way lower, falling 0.14%.
1/10/18 4:23PM
Stocks tumble on Wednesday, the dollar slumps and bond yields spike on reports that China may be reconsidering its investment in U.S. government debt.
1/10/18 10:47AM
Jim Cramer explains why some retailers are doing so well and how investors can take advantage of the opportunities.
1/10/18 6:19AM
Both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq scored new records for the sixth consecutive session.
1/9/18 4:11PM