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Qualcomm rises sharply on talk of a deal to acquire NXP Semiconductors, turning it into the top supplier of chips for cars. Tesla Motors edged lower.
9/29/16 5:11PM
Amazon is seemingly intent on owning most or all of its logistical network and may provide huge new revenue opportunities. These three ETFs are heavily weighted towards the internet retailer
9/29/16 4:19PM
Buying the Dutch chipmaker would deliver product and cost synergies, as well as lower Qualcomm's mobile dependence and let the company efficiently deploy its offshore cash.
9/29/16 4:07PM
The auto industry in Mexico has been a boon to U.S. consumers, Ford and other Detroit-based automakers.
9/27/16 9:10AM
These quality dividend-paying stocks can help your portfolio power through the next economic downturn.
9/26/16 2:46PM
These stocks have both short-term gain catalysts and longer-term growth potential.
9/26/16 7:49AM
Shares of Jabil Circuit and Apple have similar daily and weekly charts. Jabil makes components for Apple iPhones. Here's how to trade them.
9/20/16 8:41AM
Apple's part supplier should continue to rise, no matter what you think of the iPhone.
9/20/16 5:57AM
Larry Ellison broadly proclaims that Oracle's latest offerings mean Amazon's cloud lead is over, but a closer examination shows where his company really stands.
9/19/16 4:14PM
The chipmaker's timely R&D investments position it for strong long-term gains.
9/19/16 11:23AM