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The aerospace and defense giant reported strong earnings and reassured investors that the commercial sale environment remains strong, joining defense peers in reporting solid results
10/26/16 1:30PM
Google's new piece of hardware, Jamboard, is introduced. Uber launches its first self-driving semi truck.
10/25/16 4:58PM
The group expects production glitches and a 'negative development' with a customer to hurt fourth-quarter earnings.
10/25/16 5:07AM
The Swiss fertilizers maker says regulators in the EU and elsewhere have demanded more information.
10/25/16 2:05AM
Stocks closed with gains on Monday as T-Mobile led the Nasdaq amid better-than-expected earnings, while B/E Aerospace soared following announcement of its acquisition by Rockwell Collins.
10/24/16 4:37PM
Stocks stay in the green Monday as M&A and earnings reports lead the market higher, while manufacturing orders rise.
10/24/16 3:11PM
This home improvement giant's stock has been struggling, but now's an opportune time to buy, ahead of a post-storm building boom.
10/20/16 2:34PM
Laird loses nearly half a billion dollars in market value in less than an hour's trading.
10/19/16 5:03AM
The Stoxx 600 has the best session since Sept. 22 as U.S. earnings strength helps extend gains.
10/18/16 11:46AM
The number of cars with built-in web connectivity is soaring. Here's a look at some of the companies that could benefit.
10/18/16 9:30AM