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Chipotle has a new CEO in the now former leader of Yum! Brands' Taco Bell chain. He is the right guy for the job. Meanwhile, why is Apple's stock still rallying?
2/14/18 8:01AM
All three Yum brands -- KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut -- saw same-store sales rise in 2017.
2/8/18 6:53PM
Nacho Fries, that is. Here is what Taco Bell is coming to the table with.
1/22/18 12:00PM
Domino's Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle will be going out in style when he retires later this year. Here are his biggest thoughts about the future of fast-food before he heads off into the sunset.
1/17/18 7:30PM
McDonald's has long used the U.K. to test its boldest ideas. It has been rewarded accordingly.
11/16/17 10:54AM
The coffee brewer is the most aggressive U.S. chain in China now.
11/5/17 3:40PM
While most diners are eating out more frequently, their habits are changing. Delivery is becoming more ubiquitous, casual dining is falling out of favor and labor costs are rising. Here's how restaurants are managing.
11/2/17 7:59AM
With McDonald's doing better, who is it hurting? If you say Burger King -- wrong!
10/25/17 7:16PM
Domino's and Taco Bell top the list. McDonald's, not so much, according to a new Stifel report.
10/3/17 1:43PM
The typically crowded Las Vegas Strip was closed off early Monday. Here's a look at the companies that could also be impacted.
10/2/17 3:07PM
Apart from the big chains, very few restaurant companies have done well this year.
9/14/17 12:17PM
McDonald's isn't the same overseas as in the United States.
8/22/17 9:10PM