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The fast-food chain's stock plunged more than 4% on Tuesday after reporting disappointing results, but its overseas growth was strong.
7/27/16 8:26AM
McDonald’s (MCD) is looking to move away from direct ownership in Malaysia and Singapore.
7/26/16 10:31AM
The fast food giant reported that same-store sales in its largest market -- the United States -- rose just 1.8% from the prior year.
7/26/16 8:30AM
Taco Bell sales not so bueno, while parent Yum! beats and its stock rises early Thursday.
7/14/16 9:41AM
Dealing with escalating hourly wages, fast food companies continue to introduce computerized ordering systems.
7/8/16 6:30AM
Despite all the doom and gloom, this week turned out to be the best so far this year, Cramer says.
7/1/16 8:07PM
The fast-casual giant is releasing a new food item -- spicy chorizo -- for only the second time in its history as it tries to win back diners' favor.
6/29/16 9:00AM
McDonald's has been killing it in the U.K. as its cheap fast food has won over economically-challenged Brits.
6/24/16 10:20AM
McDonald’s (MCD) stock is increasing in pre-market trading on Thursday as the company has reportedly received half a dozen bids for its Chinese stores.
6/23/16 9:16AM
McDonald’s (MCD) stock is declining on Wednesday morning even as the fast-food chain has reportedly received more than half a dozen bids for its China stores.
6/22/16 11:39AM
Wall Street has suddenly become more bearish on the Golden Arches.
6/22/16 7:24AM
McDonald’s (MCD) stock is increasing on Monday morning as the company said it will move its headquarters to downtown Chicago by the spring of 2018.
6/13/16 11:06AM
Yum! Brands will open 100 KFC fried chicken joints in Russia this year.
6/9/16 6:31AM
David Marcus, portfolio manager for the Evermore Global Value Fund, is trying to change that perception.
6/8/16 9:25AM