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Restaurants and Hotels

Starbucks wants to make life easier for one country that loves its coffee.
12/8/16 10:34AM
The iconic company is attempting to win over younger, hipper customers who are seeking a better eating experience even at fast food restaurants.
11/16/16 7:06AM
Chipotle's new burger concept could sure use a few more items on the menu.
11/5/16 11:20AM
Index funds are great, Jim Cramer says, but he encourages investors to do some smart stock picking.
10/25/16 8:29PM
Domino's Pizza destroyed McDonald's in the U.S. during the third quarter.
10/23/16 4:40PM
Domino's crushes it during the third quarter. Same-store sales in the U.S. surge 13%.
10/22/16 1:20PM
Domino's CEO Patrick Doyle explains how the pizza joint posted some mind-boggling third-quarter sales results.
10/19/16 6:35AM
Domino's reports third-quarter earnings Tuesday. Can it deliver?
10/17/16 11:37AM
More than one of five White Castle diners arrive between 10 pm and 4 am
10/9/16 2:20PM
Taco Bell's sales pick back up after a sluggish second quarter.
10/6/16 7:23AM
The king of fast food has had a tough time lately, but that looks like it is about to dramatically change, making the stock a smart value play.
9/30/16 10:05AM
A new study has graded 25 popular restaurant chains. Here's one stock that's received high grades... and is priced at a discount today.
9/21/16 9:19AM
The coffee retailer has announced it's expanding its gourmet tea offerings in Asia. That sounds a bit ridiculous, but could this offer exciting growth for investors?
9/13/16 11:35AM
Macy's says it needs to start selling food in order to get people consistently through the door.
9/8/16 10:32AM
The fast-food giant is making the switch to more healthful and natural ingredients. How will this affect investors?
8/2/16 2:16PM