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Restaurants and Hotels

Reports say the deal, which could be announced as early as this week, could value Popeyes at more than $1.7 billion.
2/20/17 6:18PM
Don't give up hope that Popeyes could be acquired.
2/14/17 10:55AM
Even if you're not rooting for either team, you can still watch these commercials.
2/4/17 11:42AM
This year McDonald's plans to open 50 new restaurants in Russia.
2/2/17 3:50PM
The two Big Mac sizes will help the company compete with fast casual burger chains for the key demographic group's business.
1/28/17 12:40PM
The fast-food giant has seen growth in Japan, and it can boast a strong operating margin.
1/19/17 7:09AM
Bakery chain Panera Bread has fulfilled its promise to eliminate all artificial additives from its menu. Here's what that means for investors.
1/16/17 10:04AM
It's not easy to cook up huge sales and stock gains.
1/16/17 9:27AM
The fast-food giant looks to take its game to the next level.
1/11/17 7:00AM
Starbucks wants to make life easier for one country that loves its coffee.
12/8/16 10:34AM
The iconic company is attempting to win over younger, hipper customers who are seeking a better eating experience even at fast food restaurants.
11/16/16 7:06AM
Chipotle's new burger concept could sure use a few more items on the menu.
11/5/16 11:20AM
Index funds are great, Jim Cramer says, but he encourages investors to do some smart stock picking.
10/25/16 8:29PM