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There are two reasons that the proxy for global and supply demand for almost every commodity on the planet will stay lower for longer,
6/8/16 11:33AM
Paragon Shipping (PRGN) stock is soaring as the company fights back against reports its board approved a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.
4/29/16 2:08PM
Scorpio Bulkers' (SALT) price target was lowered on Friday at Jefferies, which said the dry bulk shipping market will likely remain weak.
3/18/16 9:21AM
These under-$10 stocks look ready to break out and trade higher from current levels.
1/21/16 11:21AM
Weakness in the global economy has led to a collapse in commodity prices, so why are stocks trading near all-time highs?
11/21/15 3:00PM
Shipping companies are feeling the pain and it doesn't look to get better in 2016.
11/19/15 9:26AM
If you own any of these risky double-digit dividend payers, get rid of them now before they crash and pull you down with them.
11/13/15 3:46PM
Semiconductor, steel and ship-building companies head a short list of potentially solid overseas investments.
6/10/15 6:10AM
These under-$10 stocks look poised to break out and trade higher from current levels.
5/7/15 11:06AM
George Schultze, CEO of Schultze Asset Management, said that Investors in shares of casino giant Caesars Entertainment Group will almost certainly be losers.
5/4/15 6:03PM
The maritime transportation company is selling some ships to its CEO, but a major hedge fund investor has reduced its stake, and an industry consultant is negative on the sale.
4/9/15 4:41PM
Shares of Diana Shipping (DSX) are down after Barclays lowered its price target to $8 from $10, while maintaining its 'equal weight' rating.
3/10/15 10:41AM
There are plenty of companies worth investing in within the energy and utilities sectors.
3/6/15 8:56AM
These under-$10 stocks are within range of triggering breakout trades.
2/19/15 1:26PM
Traders savvy enough to follow the low-priced names and trade them with discipline and sound risk management are banking ridiculous coin on a regular basis.
12/18/14 1:12PM