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10 Best Airline Stocks for 2016

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Every day TheStreet Ratings produces a list of the top rated stocks, by industry. The following airline stocks are rated highest by our value-focused model. This list will be updated as upgrades and downgrades occur.

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American, Delta and Alaska all made it clear on recent earnings calls that they are dutifully focused on Wall Street's favorite airline metric, which is known as PRASM.
7/26/16 7:10AM
United Airlines has signed labor contracts, improved operations, and boasts success at its San Francisco hub. But many United numbers still trail those of Delta.
7/21/16 9:45AM
American Airlines CEO Doug Parker has repeatedly said that airline investors were missing the point as they sold shares. Tuesday's gains and an analyst upgrade make him look smart.
7/13/16 10:30AM
Credit Suisse downgrades American Airlines and United Airlines, citing diminished expectations for gains in passenger revenue per available seat mile.
7/6/16 9:01AM
Hawaiian Airlines has the best way to avoid the impact of 'Brexit': Don't fly to the U.K.. Meanwhile, American, Delta and United shares all decline again.
6/28/16 6:55AM
American, Delta, United, EasyJet and other airline shares continue to fall Monday as investors find no cure for 'Brexit'-induced fears.
6/27/16 9:23AM
American, Delta and United Airlines shares fell on Great Britain's decision to exit the European Union, but the real impact of the exit is tough to discern.
6/24/16 11:50AM
Spirit Airlines is the airline industry's hottest stock. The carrier raised fares on Tuesday, signaling its own transformation as well as rising fares throughout the industry.
6/23/16 7:27AM
A U.S. agreement with the E.U. enables American, Delta and United to operate 64 daily flights to the U.K. 'Brexit' would require a new agreement.
6/21/16 7:05AM
Boeing benefited from low interest rates, which pushed forward some aircraft purchases. Even if interest rates rise, the world will still need jet aircraft, which are produced by a duopoly.
6/6/16 9:48AM