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Every day TheStreet Ratings produces a list of the top rated stocks, by industry. The following airline stocks are rated highest by our value-focused model. This list will be updated as upgrades and downgrades occur.

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Airline Stocks

Big Three U.S. carriers are all looking for fresh revenues.
8/17/17 6:19PM
Led by Gol's 124% share price increase, Latin America's airlines are all showing year-to-date gains, as is American Airlines, the largest U.S. carrier in the region.
8/15/17 8:48AM
As air cargo shipments surge globally, United leads its peers in cargo growth, while Teamster pilots at cargo carrier Atlas Air say they need a new contract.
8/11/17 9:16AM
Boeing and the U.S. Air Force make a deal for two 747-8s, now sitting in the desert.
8/7/17 11:57AM
Spirit Airlines says it was hit by a pilot work slowdown and now faces competitive discounting, particularly at United hubs.
7/31/17 12:08PM
United Airlines President Scott Kirby has a half dozen reasons why current quarter guidance is weak.
7/20/17 11:08AM
United Airlines' second-quarter earnings beat estimates, but third-quarter guidance disappoints.
7/19/17 8:15AM
Boeing shares, up 34% year to date, rank No. 1 among Dow stocks.
7/18/17 12:23PM
Etihad Airways says will lose a codeshare deal it has had with American Arlines since 2009 as a conflict between American and Qatar Airways escalates.
7/13/17 9:39AM