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Every day TheStreet Ratings produces a list of the top rated stocks. These 10 freight and logistics stocks are rated highest by TheStreet Ratings' value-focused stock rating model.

Equity Top: Air Freight and Logistics

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The Petya cyber-attack will cost hundreds of millions of dollars in second half
8/16/17 5:07AM
A divergence between the two indices can signal a pullback in the market.
8/2/17 8:15PM
The Dow Jones Transportation Average lagged far behind industrials this month.
8/1/17 7:30AM
Smaller Chinese manufacturers enjoying robust sales on Amazon are confronted with the challenge of remitting their earnings. Cross border payment specialist Wyre says their blockchain technology can help
7/18/17 8:30PM
The logistics company wants to look at making acquisitions again but M&A will be complicated by activist investor Elliott Management's Paul Singer, who is causing trouble at a French subsidiary.
7/9/17 4:01PM
Increased demand is giving a boost to all five airports in Pearl River Delta region, but mainland hubs are growing more rapidly
6/1/17 3:29AM
Decision to base international headquarters in Hong Kong follows purchase of majority stake in On Time Logistics, says CEO
5/16/17 9:03AM
But political instability and security concerns complicate projects on continent
5/10/17 7:00PM
Julia Hollingsworth
5/9/17 8:01PM
Julia Hollingsworth
5/9/17 8:01PM
The technology could help the e-commerce giant streamline one of the most crucial steps in its delivery supply chain.
4/24/17 2:37PM