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Freight & Logistics

Rising freight rates are poised to drive a 30% increase in the value of the world's biggest shipping group, while an oil deal could be the cherry on top.
12/2/16 4:34AM
Jim Cramer ponders how this market simply can't stay down and also discusses how it isn't too late to get in.
11/25/16 9:00PM
Wayfair (W) is expected to report a larger loss than a year ago, but an increase in revenue year-over-year for the 2016 third quarter.
11/7/16 1:57PM
Shares hit a 2.5 month low after the world's biggest container shipping firm said freight rates fell 16% year on year in the quarter.
11/2/16 4:39AM
Otto co-founder promises expansion of fleet, technology testing, partnerships with independent truckers and freight hauling by next year.
9/28/16 10:35AM
The e-commerce giant's warehouse-building binge and huge growth in sales are making operating its own shipping business more and more lucrative and feasible.
9/28/16 9:55AM
The Danish conglomerate throws its resources behind transportation as it looks into possibilities for the oil business.
9/22/16 6:06AM
C.H. Robinson Worldwide (CHRW) announced late yesterday that it had entered a definitive agreement to merge with APC Logistics.
9/1/16 2:41PM
Here's a look at major tech stories in the news.
8/5/16 7:34PM
The e-commerce giant's first freight jet is a Boeing 767-300 that will help ramp up its efforts to build its own logistics and transportation network.
8/5/16 2:40PM
The global recovery continues apace, but it is shaky and vulnerable to a multitude of risks. XPO Logistics benefits from the economic recovery, without being overly dependent on it.
7/27/16 1:30PM
Werner (WERN) stock gained on Friday after the company reported earnings that came in above analysts’ expectations for the 2016 second quarter.
7/22/16 4:35PM
C.H. Robinson Worldwide (CHRW) stock was initiated this morning at JPMorgan, the firm set an "underweight" rating as it expects 'a challenging road ahead for the company.
7/11/16 3:46PM
Both behemoths are investor favorites, commonly found in retirement portfolios. But which stock is actually the best one to buy now?
6/22/16 2:10PM
Werner (WERN) stock is down this morning after issuing weaker-than-expected second quarter earnings guidance.
6/21/16 11:32AM