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12:36 PM ET 08/23/17

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Equity Top: Professional Services

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Professional Services

A Chinese education technology start-up partly backed by retired NBA player Kobe Bryant has launched an on-demand platform for foreign kids to learn Mandarin from Chinese teachers
8/23/17 7:02AM
Percival says women are so underrepresented in the tech industry that feeling 'a sense of belonging' is challenging.
8/22/17 11:52AM
Is it a good idea to use home equity to cover the high costs of injury or illness? Maybe so, but only under these conditions.
8/22/17 8:07AM
Activision Blizzard's Tespa launched its revised collegiate program this week.
8/21/17 12:59PM
Canyon muscles its way into the $97 billion U.S. bicycle market to sell bikes online.
8/20/17 6:28PM
But top legal professionals defend city's rule of law and deny claims judgments are political persecution
8/20/17 3:49AM
The social media giant is working on video and e-commerce features that give users new reasons to load its app, and which also give it more ad space to sell.
8/19/17 12:50PM
The beleaguered investor explains why he is seeking three seats on ADP's ten-person board even as investors and others scratch their heads over the insurgency.
8/17/17 12:36PM
Pershing gets ready to drop some ADP bombs on Thursday.
8/16/17 5:55PM
A Goldman spokesman said that the firm believes the case is 'without merit' and that they will 'vigorously contest it.'
8/16/17 3:03PM
Trump took to Twitter Wednesday morning to attack Amazon, whose founder, Jeff Bezos, owns The Washington Post, a newspaper the president routinely accuses of "fake news."
8/16/17 10:26AM
Advance Auto Parts is ripe for the picking, and it would give Walmart an even bigger physical presence in a new arena.
8/15/17 4:52PM
The competitive and financial concerns raised by a weekend column aren't anything to be too worried about for now.
8/15/17 6:30AM
From neighborhood stores to sending messengers directly to you.
8/14/17 6:39PM


Brouhaha over GOP-led health-care deal is not really threatening the Republic. But you should have an investment plan in place.
The company that brought us 'Post-it' notes continues to be an attractive income stock.
As the U.S. Dollar looks poised to continue strengthening in 2017, some American industrial companies could see additional currency risks.
The market's an Energizer bunny and it's been a remarkable five weeks, Cramer says.
M&A may dominate headlines, but investors need to watch earnings as well, says Jim Cramer.