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4:02 PM ET 10/21/16

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Equity Top: Professional Services

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Professional Services

Equity markets may see significant fluctuations to events that are widely perceived as negative.
10/22/16 10:03AM
Microsoft (MSFT) reported higher-than-expected earnings for the 2017 first quarter on Thursday
10/21/16 3:18PM
By letting users carry out transactions with local businesses on its site and apps, Facebook stands to collect valuable data and give businesses more incentive to buy ads.
10/20/16 10:26AM
Activision Blizzard (ATVI) CEO Bobby Kotick says the number of eSports spectators has risen to over 100 million.
10/20/16 9:59AM
Twitter (TWTR) was not one of the 14 possible acquisitions that was considering in May, according to a leaked email.
10/19/16 9:42AM
The VIX can't tell you when a rough ride is coming, but it may protect you when things get bumpy.
10/19/16 6:45AM
When disaster strikes, thousands of price gouging complaints highlight how people take advantage of chaos. What can you do to avoid becoming a victim and stop this fraudulent activity?
10/18/16 4:37PM
Stock picking matters more than most investors realize this fall. Here's a look at five stocks that could still blast off in the final months of 2016...
10/17/16 10:09AM
The move in Misys comes after a string of IPOs have been pulled or cut in value.
10/17/16 4:55AM
Halloween is a good time to check any potentially "scary" personal financial habits
10/16/16 2:40PM
Elderfraud is a silent crime - only 1 in 44 cases are ever reported. Here's how to detect and stop it.
10/15/16 4:00PM
One decision may save you upward of $200 monthly, but is it wise?
10/15/16 12:40PM
The companies made some provisions for antitrust risk but don't see much risk from competition enforcers.
10/14/16 12:48PM
Expect shares of the cloud-based technology business management provider to move higher after its initial public offering quiet period ends on Tuesday.
10/13/16 8:35AM
Imports give up August's gains, while exports plummet by 10%.
10/13/16 2:40AM


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