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Facial recognition systems are now being used extensively across China in areas such as public security, financial services, transport and retail.
2/19/18 7:31PM
Beware, U.S. car companies, there are several China startups that want to steal your sales.
2/17/18 11:59AM
The troubled retailer continues to lose value. Here is why Sears shareholders continue to feel major pain.
2/12/18 3:48PM
Based on Monday's share price, the sale could raise over US$1 billion
2/12/18 1:40AM
The German carmaker had rejected an offer by the Chinese carmaker to buy a 5pc stake last year
2/7/18 3:11AM
A dispute with Apple and trends in China's smart phone market are weighing down Qualcomm's expectations for the second quarter. The timing could be better, as Broadcom is waging a hostile takeover offer and Elliott Management contests Qualcomm's bid for NXP.
2/2/18 3:52PM
Though some of the company's user growth numbers disappointed, its earnings call remarks put to rest worst-case fears.
2/1/18 7:00AM
JingChi, the start-up founded by Baidu's former autonomous driving chief, has launched a three-month public demonstration of its fleet of self-driving cars on an island located at the centre of the capital of Guangdong province.
1/31/18 5:04PM
Is a trade war between the United States and China brewing? It sure looks inevitable.
1/31/18 12:41PM