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Launching new iPad Pro models should strengthen Apple's grip on the high-end. But bigger improvements will be needed to spark an industry recovery.
2/21/17 4:15PM
Beijing is becoming more self-sufficient for its military needs and now delivers major weapons to 44 countries, mostly in Asia and Africa, Stockholm institute finds
2/20/17 11:09AM
Sprint has run up sharply on M&A hopes, and still isn't in great financial shape. That gives T-Mobile a lot of leverage.
2/18/17 6:01AM
Project Loon, Google's balloon-based internet concept, could be close to getting off the ground. Samsung Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee has been formally arrested on bribery charges.
2/17/17 4:48PM
A pair of new reports suggest Apple's business philosophy might be preventing it from making needle-moving acquisitions of big companies, as well as succeeding with Apple TV.
2/17/17 12:17PM
Financially-troubled Toshiba is now thinking about an outright sale of its chip unit, rather than just a 20% stake. Debt-laden Western Digital might be hard-pressed to afford that.
2/15/17 3:18PM
Combining these two semiconductor equipment companies makes a lot of sense.
2/15/17 2:10PM
Jim Cramer thinks the markets are better because the economy is better, so investors should embrace rising interest rates.
2/15/17 6:15AM
In spite of its run-up, Apple's multiples remain low. And the iPhone 8 and possible offshore cash returns might not be fully priced in.
2/14/17 12:21PM