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Jim Cramer ponders how Friday's market made no sense, and how it's time for some comebacks by some tech companies.
12/9/16 9:00PM
Healthy orders from Apple and hard drive makers helped Broadcom beat estimates. But the financial targets set by the chipmaker on its earnings call might be even more impressive.
12/9/16 4:25PM
Apple and Google both take steps to solidify their self-driving car ambitions.
12/8/16 4:38PM
If a rumor is right, Intel might further downsize its PC investments by letting AMD handle its GPU needs. Qualcomm, meanwhile, is hoping servers will help offset soft mobile growth.
12/8/16 11:32AM
These stocks -- including Cavium Networks and AmTrust Financial Services -- have broken or are testing key resistance levels.
12/7/16 7:50AM
Apple supplier Foxconn confirms "preliminary discussions" regarding potential US investment.
12/7/16 6:13AM
The auto parts manufacturer is involved in a promising taxi initiative with the Singapore government.
12/6/16 8:22AM
U.K. chip designer Imagination swings to profit amid ongoing restructuring effort and domestic currency weakness.
12/6/16 4:44AM
Sears will be making some headlines later this week.
12/5/16 2:00PM
The rest of the mobility industry is at least trying to help the public get ready for an unclear future.
12/5/16 10:15AM