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Every day TheStreet Ratings produces a list of the top rated stocks. These 10 industrial conglomerates are rated highest by our value-focused algorithm.

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As the U.S. Dollar looks poised to continue strengthening in 2017, some American industrial companies could see additional currency risks.
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This exchange-traded fund is knocking on the door of a new all-time high.
12/26/14 1:16PM
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Banks and industrials are deal-less sectors in a deal-filled world, and that is what's making them suffer.
8/12/14 8:11AM
Given management's 9% to 11% growth projection in earnings per share and 20% return on invested capital for the next three years, these shares deserve respect.
1/28/14 6:00AM
The multi-sector conglomerates sector is less overvalued than most sectors and I have identified seven stocks that can be considered "buy and trade" candidates.
1/8/13 9:12AM
GE's industrial division is slated to outgrow its competitors, says an analyst.
12/15/11 5:49PM
Europe's uncertainty has suddenly made companies with outsize U.S. exposure attractive.
11/9/11 6:03AM
Europe's uncertainty has suddenly made companies with outsize U.S. exposure attractive. In the video, Chao Deng recaps the day.
11/8/11 8:56PM
Steer clear of economically sensitive companies with a short-cycle mix, favoring 'broken' sectors instead.
7/28/11 1:30PM