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Every day TheStreet Ratings produces a list of the top rated stocks. These 10 electric utility stocks are rated highest by TheStreet Ratings' value-focused stock rating model.

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Electric Utilities

It has never been cheaper to get free electricity from the sun.
1/22/17 1:00PM
To move beyond reopening North American-shale drilling operations and actually increase investment by oil producers, prices would likely to need to rise to $60 or more, said CFO Jeff Bornstein.
1/20/17 4:33PM
The charts of these and two other big stocks are flashing warning signs at investors.
1/20/17 6:01AM
Stock-picker also favors Apache Corp., Costco, HPE and AEP.
1/19/17 2:07PM
Investors seeking less volatility can reap better returns in 2017 by allocating funds in sectors such as technology, biotech, energy and financials, which should generate above average performance.
1/18/17 5:20PM
Silicon Valley start-up Knightscope is rolling out security robots that can help take a bite out of the crime that costs the American economy $1 trillion every year.
1/17/17 7:03PM
The activist fund and its partner, Bluescape, suggested that they are thinking about launching a director-election proxy battle at the company's 2017 annual meeting, expected in April.
1/17/17 1:27PM
The choices are many, so investors must pick with care.
1/17/17 11:51AM
By mid-century, solar energy is expected to produce more than 15% of the world's electricity.
1/13/17 11:28AM