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Every day TheStreet Ratings produces a list of the top rated stocks. These 10 packaged food stocks are rated highest by our stock rating model.

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Here's what you need to know about these companies earnings and how to trade their stocks.
7/26/12 6:00AM
As great of a performance as this has been for Hershey, it was an even bigger learning experience.
5/9/12 2:56PM
Unilever is set to acquire Russian cosmetic maker Concern Kalina, underscoring a growing trend of corporate deal-making in the consumer stock sector.
10/14/11 2:22PM
Brinker International, News Corp. and HerbaLife are among the consumer stocks increasing dividends and raising their shareholder payouts in recent weeks.
8/29/11 3:37PM
Billionaire Carl Icahn is trying to take control of all the seats on Clorox's board after the company twice rejected his takeover bids. Find out which other consumer stocks are joining the M&A uptrend.
8/22/11 11:06AM
If it seems like everything from meat and potatoes to tissues and batteries is getting more expensive, it's because it is. Here's a look at some of the consumer products you pay more for.
7/13/11 3:16PM
Cramer discusses a number of misguided concepts that have gotten in the way of investors making solid stock picks.
6/29/11 8:06PM
Hershey shares slide after an interim CEO is tapped to replace David West, prompting one analyst to say the likelihood of a takeover bid is increased.
5/18/11 5:48PM
Raw sugar futures were surging Tuesday morning amid evidence that China's economic engine continues to run full pace.
5/10/11 11:57AM
Sugar prices were rebounding as long speculators held onto hope of more upside potential.
5/9/11 11:00AM
Cocoa, cotton and sugar were diving into the red along with the broader market.
5/5/11 11:38AM
Natural gas futures ended flat after briefly extending gains from the previous day -- though on low volume.
4/15/11 3:09PM
Coffee and cocoa futures were popping on supply concerns and political unrest, respectively. Cotton retreated after spiking.
4/13/11 12:38PM
May natural gas futures were falling for the third straight day, as traders braced for a hurricane report Wednesday.
4/5/11 2:52PM
Coal prices remain strong, while Treasuries rise and the dollar trades in mixed directions.
4/4/11 2:01PM