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Google adds to its position in Airbnb, now roughly $4 billion. Tesla sues the state of Michigan, among other things this week.
9/23/16 4:49PM
The bloc's top antitrust enforcer pledges to 'keep a close eye' on whether companies control unique data and can use it against rivals.
9/9/16 8:34AM
The S&P 500 was flat during the month of August, but there was a lot of buying under the surface in stocks like Facebook and Ford, according to TD Ameritrade.
9/6/16 1:47PM
Other U.S. multinationals could also face hefty back-tax bills.
8/30/16 12:55PM
Cisco is cutting jobs as it transitions from hardware to software.
8/18/16 7:09AM
CEO Mark Fields, CEO says research and development on this project will double in size.
8/16/16 6:52PM
Arianna Huffington's outsized personality was never going to fit easily into Verizon, but her departure from The Huffington Post doesn't minimize her impact on journalism and the Internet.
8/11/16 1:13PM
The ride-hailing company needs 3-D maps as an enabling technology for cars that eventually won't need drivers.
8/1/16 6:32PM
Jim Cramer loves Alphabet's accelerating revenue and he likes the stock's valuation, too.
7/29/16 1:49PM
The e-commerce company delivers a solid quarter, topping both revenue and earnings per share.
7/29/16 12:17PM