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Top-Rated Mutual Funds

Not all mutual funds make good investments. TheStreet Ratings uses multiple data points to rate mutual funds against their peers. Out of over 20,000 mutual funds that we rate, we consider these 20 funds to be the best. You may wish to consider these funds as part of a balanced investment portfolio.

Overall Top-Rated Mutual Funds as of 2/28/18

Fund NameGet InfoOverall RatingRisk Grade
Manning & Napier Rainier InRAIRXA+B
Fidelity Japan Small CompanFJSCXA+B-
T Rowe Price JapanPRJPXA+B
Voya Securitized Credit PVSCFXA+B+
AQR Long Short Equity NQLENXA+B
Glenmede Large Cap Growth AGTLLXA+B
Colorado Bond Shares Tax-ExHICOXA+B+
Invesco European Small CompESMAXA+B
DFA Japanese Small Co InstDFJSXA+B-
GMO Opportunistic Income VIGMODXA+A-
DoubleLine Shiller EnhancedDSENXA+B-
Hennessy Japan Small Cap InHJPSXA+B-
T Rowe Price Intl DiscoveryPRIDXA+B-
Russell Inv Multifactor US RTDSXA+B
Osterweis Emerging OpportunOSTGXA+B-
T Rowe Price Media and TelePRMTXA+C+
Causeway International Sm CCVISXA+B-
EntrepreneurShares Global IENTIXA+B-
GMO Special Opportunities VGSOFXA+C+

Source: TheStreet Ratings

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