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Top-Rated Bond Mutual Funds as of 1/31/18

Fund NameGet InfoOverall RatingRisk Grade
Voya Securitized Credit PVSCFXA+B+
GMO Opportunistic Income VIGMODXA+A-
Colorado Bond Shares Tax-ExHICOXA+B+
River Canyon Total Return BRCTIXA+C+
Metropolitan West Floating MWFRXA+B+
Opportunistic Income AENIAXA+A-
Voya Strategic Income OpptyISIAXA+B+
Payden Floating Rate InvPYFRXA+B
Performance Trust StrategicPTIAXA+B
Lord Abbett Floating Rate ALFRAXA+B-
Gurtin National Mun Opport GNMFXA+B+
Gurtin CA Muni Opport Val IGCMFXA+B+
DoubleLine Flexible Income DLINXA+B
J Hancock VIT Strat Inc OppJESPXA+B
DoubleLine Floating Rate NDLFRXA+B+
T Rowe Price Floating Rate PAFRXA+B
Ave Maria BondAVEFXA+B+
Federated Floating Rt Str IFRSAXA+B
Zeo Strategic Income IZEOIXA+A-

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The 20 bond mutual funds (listed above) are ranked highest by TheStreet Ratings' methodology.

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