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Top-Rated Equity Mutual Funds as of 8/31/17

Fund NameGet InfoOverall RatingRisk Grade
Fidelity Japan Small CompFJSCXA+B-
DFA Japanese Small Co InstDFJSXA+B-
Manning & Napier RainierRISAXA+B-
T Rowe Price JapanPRJPXA+C+
AQR US Defensive Equity NAUENXA+B-
Evermore Global Value InvEVGBXA+C+
DFA Continental Small CoDFCSXA+C+
AMG TimesSquare Intl Sm CapTCMPXA+C+
Hennessy Japan Fund InvestorHJPNXA+C+
Conductor Global Equity ValRAALXA+B-
RMB Mendon Financial ServRMBKXA+C+
Glenmede Large Cap Growth AdGTLLXA+B-
Parnassus EndeavorPARWXA+C+
USAA Capital GrowthUSCGXA+B-
Oppenheimer Intl Small Mid CoOSMAXA+C+
Oak Assoc-Red Oak TechnologyROGSXA+C+
Vanguard Russell 1000 GroVRGWXA+C+
Matthews Japan Fund InvMJFOXA+C+
DFA International Sml Cap GrDISMXA+C+

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TheStreet Ratings' mutual fund rating model compiles and examines financial data on a monthly basis to gauge a mutual fund's risk-adjusted return compared to its competitors.

The 20 stock-only mutual funds (listed above) are ranked highest by TheStreet Ratings' methodology.<

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