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4:00 PM ET 03/23/18
Fast Money is an American financial investing television program that began airing on the CNBC cable/satellite TV channel on June 21, 2006. Originally a weekly (and later, a periodical) series, this program spun off from a weekly segment that first aired in the May 2006 episodes of On the Money.

Fast Money Recap

Jim Cramer says the long-term story remains intact at McDonalds.
3/22/18 6:42AM
Jim Cramer says you shouldn't dismiss the FANG stocks, despite controversy, uncertainty, rate hikes or even earnings. It's about the future.
3/22/18 6:23AM
Jim Cramer says this is a market that triumphs over the gloom by simply taking stock of the good and running with it. He's got your game plan for next week.
3/10/18 7:31AM
Voicera's Eva, a Fast-Growing Enterprise Virtual Assistant, Now Offers Full Transcription and Debrief Functionality to All Meetings
3/7/18 8:00AM
Jim Cramer and Carley Garner discuss why the February selloff was probably a good thing.
2/28/18 6:28AM
Jim Cramer says that sometimes, you just have to sit back and wait for more compelling buying opportunities.
2/28/18 6:27AM
After that bloodbath, Jim Cramer and Bob Lang look at the charts to see what's ahead for the big tech names.
2/7/18 7:28AM
Jim Cramer focuses on Atlassian, AeroVironment, Granite Construction, Ford Motor, U.S. Concrete, Chesapeake Energy.
2/7/18 6:27AM
This spike in volatility has been a long time coming, experts agree. But the best move for the everyday investor is still 'staying the course.'
2/7/18 6:21AM
Jim Cramer says we've cleaned out the bear den, but fundamental concerns, such as bond yields and wage inflation, still loom.
2/7/18 6:21AM
Jim Cramer says this is the scary process that gets us back to where we can maintain a real, not parabolic, advance.
2/6/18 6:34AM
Jim Cramer highlights Shopify, Kinder Morgan, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Radius Health, Merck, Pfizer and more.
2/3/18 6:32AM
247-million payments in 2017; Nearing an average of 100,000 consumers enrolling every day, millions discover "A New Way to Pay"
1/29/18 8:00AM
Jim Cramer and Carley Garner look at the charts for oil; the rally may be near a turning point.
1/24/18 7:13AM
Jim Cramer is bullish on Splunk, LAM Research, American Electric Power, Dominion Energy, and Consolidated Edison.
1/23/18 6:45AM
Jump quickly, says Jim Cramer, and if you've done your homework, you can pick up great stocks at discounted prices.
1/22/18 8:59PM
Cramer breaks down what's driving these market gains: taxes, trade, deregulation and a strengthening global economy.
1/18/18 6:30AM
Jim Cramer focuses on Intel, Exelon, Dominion Energy, American Electric Power, 21st Century Fox, Chimera Investment.
1/18/18 6:29AM
Even with Monday's sharp reversal, Jim Cramer says he still likes this market.
1/17/18 6:10AM
Adam Selipsky, president and CEO of Tableau Software, tells Jim Cramer about his company's latest release of its data analytics platform.
1/11/18 6:41AM