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4:14 PM ET 09/19/17
Fast Money is an American financial investing television program that began airing on the CNBC cable/satellite TV channel on June 21, 2006. Originally a weekly (and later, a periodical) series, this program spun off from a weekly segment that first aired in the May 2006 episodes of On the Money.

Fast Money Recap

Jim Cramer explains what's behind these markets moves, both up and down. He thinks changes are being caused by short sellers whose bets have gone awry.
9/19/17 6:29AM
Jim Cramer says this not the end of the world for Apple and the FANG stocks. It's the start of a rotation, and smart investors need to know how to use it as a buying opportunity.
9/15/17 6:17AM
Jim Cramer says that on big down days, we wonder why we got hit so hard and how it happened.
9/5/17 7:01PM
It's hard not to root for the kid who stands his ground when the bully gets around to him.
8/24/17 7:55AM
Jim Cramer likes International Paper and Inogen, but he's bearish on Teva Pharmaceuticals.
8/16/17 6:36AM
Jim Cramer says Amazon may be mighty powerful, but the blindsided CEOs at the retail competition are starting to wise up.
8/9/17 6:26AM
Ackman seeks to take five of ten seats on the human resources company's board. Here's what he really wants.
8/4/17 9:48AM
Benno Dorer, chairman and CEO of Clorox, tells Jim Cramer he sees opportunity in the Renew Life brand.
8/4/17 6:36AM
Jim Cramer takes a close look at these high-flyers, from Apple to Visa, and asks, "Are they worth it?"
8/4/17 6:15AM
Jim Cramer says that on big down days, we wonder why we got hit so hard and how it happened.
7/29/17 8:01AM
Jim Cramer says some sellers are making a big mistake by not giving top-notch CEOs the benefit of the doubt despite earnings upheaval.
7/26/17 6:14AM
Jim Cramer is bullish on Hertz Global Holdings, Honeywell, PetMed Express, and Allergan.
7/25/17 8:10PM
Jim Cramer says do your homework, be informed and don't let the wise guys trip you up with their warnings about 'single-stock risk.'
7/19/17 8:27PM
Jim Cramer warns that development stage biotechs are for speculation only.
7/14/17 6:37AM
Cramer says it's the sign of a good market: Investors are finding value in the stocks that were left behind.
7/14/17 6:18AM
Watch out.
7/7/17 4:11PM