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Central banks around the world are tightening in concert with the FOMC.
4/7/17 9:49AM
Global markets are mostly higher, cheered by positive reports on manufacturing in Japan and Europe
4/3/17 7:28AM
US consumer spending rose a sluggish 0.1 percent in February, while inflation up at 5-year high
3/31/17 2:00PM
Jim Cramer and colleague Carley Garner discuss why the common currency appears to be preparing for a move higher.
3/24/17 6:22PM
The SEC's decision last week not to allow a Bitcoin-based ETF caused the digital currency to fall.
3/20/17 4:05PM
Pending approval of a bitcoin ETF sent the digital currency to new highs.
3/3/17 3:54PM
US consumers bullish in February as confidence climbs to highest level since 2001
2/28/17 10:44AM
The Standard & Poor's 500 index dipped, breaking a seven-day winning streak, its longest in three and a half years
2/16/17 4:35PM
There is strong potential to move up and retest the highs near 1.27 to 1.277 in the coming days.
2/8/17 8:30AM
The British Chambers of Commerce said Monday that the pound's decline since the country voted to leave the European Union is increasing costs and tightening margins for domestic companies.
2/6/17 3:39AM
It used to be that when America sneezed, the world would catch cold. Today, it's when Trump Tweets, the world catches its breath.
2/1/17 6:03AM
The sterling/dollar pairing should find buyers at about the 1.2430 level this week.
1/30/17 1:52PM
On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump vowed repeatedly to label China a currency manipulator on his first day in office.
1/28/17 9:56AM
The EUR/GBP weakened following British Prime Minister Theresa May's speech about Brexit.
1/18/17 8:30AM
The British currency has surged the most since May 2008 after Theresa May pledged to give parliament a vote on any final 'Brexit deal'.
1/17/17 10:10AM