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After falling to a three-year low earlier this week, the dollar is higher on Thursday.
3/1/18 9:31AM
The U.S. dollar continues to be under pressure. Not helping matters: fresh comments from U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.
1/24/18 9:37AM
The dollar's decline continued Monday, pushing the greenback to a three-year low on foreign exchange markets and investors -- and central banks -- turn to alternate currencies in a robust global economy.
1/15/18 7:00AM
South Korean officials reportedly are investigating whether North Korea was involved in the theft from and collapse of a bitcoin exchange.
12/20/17 10:20PM
Bitcoin futures jump in first day of trading, but fall back in late trade Monday night.
12/11/17 10:16PM
Quarles noted that digital currencies like Bitcoin, which has skyrocketed over 900% year-to-date, continue to pose serious risks.
11/30/17 2:25PM
This follows similar moves this year by CME Group and CBOE Global Markets which have both launched Bitcoin futures.
11/29/17 12:51PM
Bitcoin is subject to wild swings, as miners have undoubtedly noticed by now.
11/29/17 12:25PM
End of an era for Hong Kong's last remaining stock market floor traders as exchange prepares to shut its trading hall, joining other world exchanges in going fully automated
10/21/17 1:12AM
The cryptocurrency was falling as much as 8% on Wednesday.
10/18/17 2:03PM
Asian shares rise after global finance leaders urge central bankers to stick to easy money policies
10/15/17 11:46PM
Digital currency bitcoin hits a record high of $5,856 early Friday. That move higher apparently has caused more sharp comments by Jamie Dimon.
10/13/17 3:14PM
From North Korea to weakening U.S. economic data, the greenback still seems poised to fall. Here is why.
10/12/17 7:52AM
The dollar moves higher after jobs whiffed on economists' expectations.
10/6/17 9:20AM
Analysts said the dollar could go higher still given the market's soft expectations.
10/5/17 10:11AM