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The EUR/GBP weakened following British Prime Minister Theresa May's speech about Brexit.
1/18/17 8:30AM
The British currency has surged the most since May 2008 after Theresa May pledged to give parliament a vote on any final 'Brexit deal'.
1/17/17 10:10AM
The hundred dollar coin's makeover celebrates 225 years of minting American coins.
1/13/17 4:10PM
The decision support engine has issued a warning on holders of the digital currency.
1/6/17 8:34AM
A survey of Britain's services sector, which accounts for the bulk of the economy, shows it has grown at a 17-month high at the end of 2016
1/5/17 5:42AM
Global stocks were mixed Wednesday, gaining in Asia but tracking lower in Europe, after reports showed a sharp rise in inflation in the eurozone
1/4/17 8:16AM
The bears remain in control of the euro/dollar currency pair (EUR/USD), and it could be headed toward parity.
12/15/16 8:07AM
The euro/dollar currency pair has a bearish forecast, technical analysis reveals.
12/12/16 8:25AM
TJM Institutional Services managing director Jim Iuorio comments on the dollar index and euro after ECB President Mario Draghi announced there will be not be tapering of stimulus.
12/8/16 1:56PM
Tweets from the president-elect helped Asia open higher.
12/6/16 9:56PM
A Chinese court says a star securities investor who was arrested following last year's collapse in stock prices has pleaded guilty to insider trading
12/6/16 4:58AM
The pound is finding favor in global currency markets as investors bet on a 'soft Brexit' from the European Union.
12/1/16 9:11AM
The pound/dollar currency pair (GBP/USD) is poised to move higher, technical analysis shows.
12/1/16 8:20AM
Beijing's currency is hitting an 8-year low against the dollar, creating yet another pre-inauguration headache for the president-elect.
11/15/16 2:23PM
The Federal Reserve is looking to raise interest rates soon. What does that mean for currencies?
11/10/16 10:36AM