Here are Eight Quotes From Entrepreneurs That Have Made It

2018 saw many changes in the start-up ecosystem. While many new start-ups emerged, a few became unicorns. Pulling the curtain off these start-ups which have the most unique, most distinct concept and of course, these start-ups are changing the face of the startup world.

In the world of ever-changing markets, you have to be able to move fast and adapt in order to stay on top. There are many factors that play out when it comes to being successful in your specific niche. A few simple ways to stay ahead of the competition is by constantly brainstorming new ideas to grow, creating new strategies to become more efficient, and keeping track of your audience.

Take Amazon (AMZN), a rapid expansion of Prime plus bold bets in the physical world are allowing the retailer to offer even more, even faster and smarter.

Here are some exciting quotes from entrepreneurs to look out for in 2020:

Ryan Lowery

"My #1 Shift for leveling up in business and in life. That shift is perspective and that perspective is dictated by positivity," says Ryan Lowery

The internet has already majorly changed our lives. And today, we are more connected than ever before: 3.6 billion people, or 50% of the entire world’s population, is online. Gartner predicts there will be 12.86 billion IoT devices in use by 2020.

Micah Fraim

I started “Micah Fraim, CPA” on a bit of a whim. As I’ve noted too many of you along the way, I started with $2,000 in the bank, no clients, and next to no contacts. I spent half of that money on the laptop and software I needed and hoped for the best.

Now his book has been the #1 tax book on Amazon for about 3 years now and has sold almost 20,000 copies.

In most countries, being entirely offline is a rarity. In the U.S., only 11% of the total adult population does not go online at all. When it comes to teenagers, these numbers only increase: 95% own or have access to a smartphone, and 45% of them are online "constantly."

Billions of people use multiple services and platforms daily, leaving behind an ever-growing digital footprint.

Andrew Faridani

One of the longer-lasting ad agencies in Canada, established in 2008. Profit 500 Listed company for 4 straight years!

“We will create a package that is particularly going to benefit your industry, your service, whether it been exposure, lead generation anything you can imagine in the internet world.

Aaron Minc

“The qualities that make me successful as a lawyer are my passions, trust, and relationships that I build with my clients, and most importantly results! Getting the content down. That’s what I do best at the end of the day.”

Ben Benjamin K. Walker Founder & CEO Transcription Outsourcing, LLC

"Entrepreneurs have to be constantly evolving and getting better. Complacency will get you in a lot of trouble and your company will most likely not work out, because there are always competitors out there doing the latest in technology that will pass you by. Thinking your plan will work out as you laid it out is crazy, so make sure you are always looking out for what’s happening in your space and be ready to adapt and evolve at a moment’s notice," says Ben, CEO of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC. 

Byron Sakha, Founder Sakha Consulting

The greatest innovations in business involve creating more effective ways to add value to your customers whether it be in terms of helping them obtain more time, more money or more fulfillment. Therefore whenever looking to innovate, the best place to start is by looking at problems or challenges your potential customers are facing and then looking at ways to help alleviate them more swiftly. People are always willing to invest in a product or service that can help them achieve their needs quicker and more efficiently. When thinking about where to innovate in business a useful question to ask is “what idea or activity if brought to life, will yield the greatest value both for the business and its customers?” Anything else is just noise and will lead to distraction or procrastination from the mission. Innovation is necessary for survival as consumer behavior is constantly evolving and if we don’t keep up with it, we will become extinct. This is especially important in today’s marketplace where competition is stronger than ever and increasing daily. Being committed to distinguishing yourself from the crowd and consistently creating outstanding value for your customers is the most efficient way to get in the market, stay ahead of it, and achieve lasting success. -Byron Sakha, Founder Sakha Consulting

Giridhar Akkineni, CEO AkkenCloud

The best way I learned for entrepreneurs to innovate is to listen to their customers. Customers will talk about ideas to solve their pain points, but only true innovators can translate them into practical evolving solutions. The process and evolution of genuine innovations never end and often leads to another innovation. When the evolution of an innovation end, it goes into a museum not long into the future. Giridhar Akkineni, CEO AkkenCloud

Matt Sweetwood, CEO at LUXnow

1. Recognize there may be a problem ahead even when things are going well knowing that’s the nest time to innovate and reinvent your business.

2. Identify your strengths so you can understand the assets you have which will allow you to pivot and reinvent the business.

3. Be bold, ignore the doubters, and just do it. Use the expert knowledge you have of your business and industry to come up with a new way of doing things or an idea no one has thought of before.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that while there are many ways to make money, and many businesses you can start and win big on, just by focusing on the dollars, you’ll be more likely to stick it through and enjoy the journey if you are working on something you love and are passionate about, and do it from the heart. It’s how many amazing startups have been formed. Most new entrepreneurs really haven’t thought that far ahead as to what their role really will entail as CEO.

There are so many unknowns when taking the leap to launch a startup and even as you progress through the stages of fundraising and growing a company there can be a lot of head games and misconceptions. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Especially as the startup matures. Even if your business is strong now, everything is constantly changing. If you routinely take time to turn the chessboard around and consider how you would do it, then you can be steps ahead of these competitors.