Tesla's Rooftop Solar Just Got $1,300 Cheaper

Tesla is now offering the lowest price solar system they ever have.
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Tesla Updates Prices for Rooftop Solar

After significantly lowering prices on their rooftop solar lineup in mid-June, Tesla  (TSLA) - Get Report has again updated prices and now offers its cheapest system ever — a 4.08 kW system for just over $6,000 after US federal incentives. The $1.49/Watt ($2.01/Watt before incentives) pricing is now fixed across the various size systems Tesla offers. Here is a look at the pricing changes since June.

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 10.30.14 PM

According to data compiled by energysage.com, pricing from other solar providers ranges from $1.64/W - $2.22/W after incentives. Tesla's pricing places them about 10% - 30% below these competitors.

Science Channel Visits Giga Nevada

In the inaugural episode of Super Factories, the Science Channel covers Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada. For close followers of Tesla, not much new information was presented, but one item did stick out. The Science Channel stated that Giga Nevada "produces 13 million individual battery cells per day and that number is growing."

If accurate, this would indicate a significantly increased production rate for Tesla, but may be too good to be true. A Long Range Model 3 or Model Y pack has 4,416 cells per pack, so 13 million cells per day would equate to more than one million Long Range packs per year, or about 82 GWh annually. Most recent reports have suggested Tesla and Panasonic intended to scale production from 35 GWh to 54 GWh in 2020. Despite ramping Model Y and plans to ramp the Tesla Semi, it seems unlikely that Tesla would be able to utilize that much battery capacity at this point.

For additional topics including Model Y production expansion and increased search interest, analyst price target increases on TSLA stock, and Tesla's most recent firmware update, please see the included video.

Writing assistance by Pranshu Agarwal.

Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long Tesla stock and derivatives.