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Tesla Tops Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Survey

A new survey from Consumer Reports breaks down vehicle owner satisfaction by generation.

Tesla is no stranger to scoring extremely well in owner satisfaction surveys conducted by Consumer Reports. In fact, the brand has topped owner satisfaction rankings in seven of the last eight years.

A new survey from Consumer Reports gives more granularity on those satisfaction results. The survey polled 420,000 vehicle owners and divided those results into different age groups, as follows:

Millennials: 24-39 years of age

Generation X: 40-55 years of age

Baby Boomers: 56-74 years of age

Silent Generation: 75-92 years of age

Tesla's Model 3 received the top satisfaction score in each of the four age ranges. The result is particularly impressive in the 75-92 age range considering the criticism Tesla has faced for its reliance on technology like the touch-based user interface. It seems that owners who did not grow up with such technology have not found the design to be unsatisfying. This could be seen as a positive sign for Tesla's ambitions to expand their market share beyond early adopters into a more mainstream customer base.

Tesla's other models also did well in the survey, particularly among Generation X respondents. The Model S took second place in Gen X rankings, with Tesla's Model X coming in fourth. Tesla's Model Y was not present in the top ten for any age group, but this is likely due to the newness of the vehicle not allowing for enough responses. Full results were shared by Teslarati and can be found here.

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Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock and derivatives.