The EV 1000 is Car and Driver’s twist on a long-distance race with electric vehicles. Eleven vehicles driven by teams of two competed to finish a 1000-mile lap through four states as fast as possible.

The Top 3 Vehicles in the “EV 1000”:

1. Tesla Model S Long Range Plus

2. Tesla Model Y Performance

3. Tesla Model 3 Performance

Replying to a Tweet on the results Musk commented:

Musk tweet

In this race, teams were free to choose their routes and urged to follow the speed limit. Furthermore, Car and Driver tried to keep this race as close to a relatable long-distance road trip as possible. They did this by preventing tampering with vehicles. Nevertheless, teams did try to gain competitive advantages over one another.

Recognizing that stopping to charge their vehicles would slow them down the most, competitors focused on increasing efficiency. For example, over half the teams attempted to over-inflate their tires before the start. The Tesla Model S team even “ran a radar detector off a portable battery and played music through a Bluetooth speaker” to maximize the first stretch of their trip before charging.

While the structure may have not facilitated the most apples-to-apples comparison, Car and Driver still recommends that “if you want to regularly drive long distances in an EV today, you'll want a car with access to Tesla's proprietary charging infrastructure.”

Currently, only Tesla vehicles can access the Tesla Supercharger network. However, Musk replied to a tweet by Marques Brownlee hinting about future compatibility with other vehicles.

For Full Results of the Race Click Here


Disclosure: Rob Maurer and Brennan Ertl are long TSLA stock and derivatives.