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Tesla Daily Partners With TheStreet

Introducing Tesla Daily and Rob Maurer

What is Tesla Daily?

  • Tesla Daily began as an audio-only podcast back in August, 2017 covering everything related to Tesla. The goal of the podcast was clear: get accurate and valuable information out to as many people as possible. Since then, the podcast has grown to add video and expanded distribution, most recently with TheStreet.

Who is Rob Maurer?

  • I have been an investor in TSLA since 2013 and have spent thousands of hours researching the company and related industries. A few years ago, I became frustrated with the media’s coverage of Tesla. There was often missing context or just plain inaccurate information. I decided to start Tesla Daily to fill in these information gaps. My focus has always been on precise and accurate reporting and analysis, staying far away from sensationalization that has seemed to grip many media outlets.

Why TheStreet?

  • I'm excited to work with a network that values and supports independent media. TheStreet helps me get accurate and valuable information out to as many people as possible without compromise.

What can we expect?

  • Great coverage of Tesla news, Monday-Friday, primarily focused on the business and technology, often approached from an investor point of view. Most content is video form, but over time, written articles will become a big part of the content available here on TheStreet. For those of you that have followed Tesla Daily, it's still the same content you have known and loved, but with a new platform and exciting new opportunities. I am very open to feedback, so please share your thoughts on the Discussion and Community pages.