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During their AI Day event,  (TSLA) - Get Tesla Inc. Report announced that they're working on developing a humanoid bot to eliminate repetitive and dangerous tasks. Musk also pondered what the world would look like if there was no shortage of labor. Jokingly, Musk also mentioned that the Tesla Bot will be capable enough to accomplish tedious tasks but not capable enough to overpower an individual. The Bot also allowed Musk to postulate on the need for Universal Basic Income, "not right now because the robot doesn't work."


A log of what transpired (PDT): 

7:07 PM: "Tesla is arguably the world's largest robotics company"-Musk.

7:08 PM: May have a Tesla humanoid bot "Tesla Bot" that will be used to eliminate dangerous and repetitive tasks.

7:09 PM: Bot will have eight cameras and an autopilot system making use of all the same tools in a Tesla vehicle.

7:10 PM: Tesla Bot will be able to listen to commands.

7:11 PM: "Physical work may be a choice in the future"-Musk

For a full log of AI Day: Click Here

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Rumor Confirmed

It appears the rumors of Dr. Dennis Hong's involvement with Tesla have been confirmed. Hong's research interests include Humanoids & Bipedal Robots, Robot Locomotion & Manipulation. Clearly, Dr. Hong's interests align with that of Tesla's in creating a humanoid bot.

bot 2


During the Q&A, Rob Maurer asked Elon Musk about the integration of production and Artificial intelligence. Musk responded by elaborating on the variability of autonomy level in their manufacturing process. "The robot is not prompted by specific manufacturing needs...if we don't make it, someone probably else would."

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Disclosure: Brennan Ertl is long TSLA stock and derivatives.