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Tesla has started sending out invitations for their upcoming AI Day on Thursday, August 19th. The invitation shows what appears to be a custom stack of computer hardware, likely connected to Tesla's "Project Dojo" — a neural network training supercomputer. Clicking through to RSVP leads to a rather interesting description of the event.

Tesla AI Day invitation

Tesla AI Day invitation

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RSVP to AI Day

On the RSVP screen, Tesla shares the following information

Join us in Palo Alto, CA on August 19, 2021 at 5 p.m. PDT. This invite-only event will feature a keynote by Elon, hardware and software demos from Tesla engineers, test rides in Model S Plaid and more. Attendees will be among the first to see our latest developments in supercomputing and neural network training. They’ll also get an inside-look at what’s next for AI at Tesla beyond our vehicle fleet.

If you have received an email invitation for this event, please submit the form below using the same email address to let us know you'd like to attend. Space is limited and we will be confirming the attendee list closer to the event date. If you are chosen to attend AI Day, you will receive an email confirmation with additional event details.

What's Next?

One sentence sticks out as particularly noteworthy... "They’ll also get an inside-look at what’s next for AI at Tesla beyond our vehicle fleet."

When asked during Tesla's Q2 earnings call about the potential for Tesla's work on AI to be used beyond autonomous driving, Elon Musk responded by noting that he believes "long term, people will think of Tesla as much as an AI robotics company as we are a car company, or an energy company. I think we are developing one of the strongest hardware and software AI teams in the world."

Musk continued on to explain why, and wrapped up his thoughts with the following statement: "So a long story but I think, yeah, probably others will want to use it too and we will make it available."

Perhaps relatedly, Dr. Dennis Hong, a professor and robotics lab director at UCLA tweeted on Thursday about a "secret project" he has been working on with Tesla. Hong's tweets — many of which have since been deleted — suggested that more information about the project will be unveiled at AI Day.

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Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock and derivatives.