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Tesla's utility-scale energy storage product, the Tesla Megapack, has got a brand new ordering page on Tesla's website. Until now, details on Megapack have been sparse due to the business-to-business nature of the product. Tesla's new page unveils a number of interesting details.

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Megapack Pricing

Each Tesla Megapack is capable of delivering up to 0.8 megawatts of power and storing up to 3.0 megawatt-hours of energy — roughly equivalent to 220 Tesla Powerwalls.

Tesla's new Megapack order page shows a starting price of $1.2 million for a single Megapack system in California. Pricing varies slightly by state, but that works out to a price of $406 per kWh with installation included. Tesla is letting potential customers place orders for up to 1,000 Megapacks, and costs per unit decline with each additional Megapack ordered.

A customer ordering the maximum 1,000 Megapacks, more than 3 GWh of energy storage, would pay about $850M or $278/kWh.

Pricing for California

Pricing for California

Tesla also charges an annual maintenance fee which works out to about 0.5% of the initial cost each year.

Expected Delivery Time

Elon Musk recently disclosed Tesla's massive backlog on the consumer-focused Tesla Powerwall. Turns out, the Megapack is in the same situation. Best case, Tesla says the earliest deliveries for new orders will occur in 2022, but not for all states.

Three states where Tesla has factories — California, Nevada, and Texas — have 2022 delivery estimates. Tesla says all other states, with the strange exception of Hawaii (also 2022), should expect the earliest deliveries in 2023.


Investors will get their next chance for some insight on Tesla's energy business during Tesla's Q2 earnings report and conference call.

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Disclosure: Rob Maurer and Brennan Ertl are long TSLA stock and derivatives.