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Exploring Tesla's In-House Battery Roadmap

New details shared by Elon Musk shed light on Tesla's new battery rollout plans

Tesla's Battery Day in late September disclosed many details about Tesla's internal battery cell production plans, but specific factory and product plans were mostly left out. Now, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared more about those plans in a series of tweets.

"[Giga] Berlin will use [Tesla's in-house] 4680 cell with structural battery pack & front & rear single piece castings. Also, a new paint system. Lot of new technology will happen in Berlin, which means significant production risk. Fremont & Shanghai will transition in ~2 years when new tech is proven," Musk wrote.

This news could be taken as a bit of a surprise considering Tesla's ambition to start producing the Model Y at Giga Berlin in mid-2021. Musk has previously said Tesla's newly announced Plaid Model S would utilize Tesla's internal battery cells, but Tesla has announced a production start date of late-2021 on that product. Tesla's Giga Berlin plans would seem to indicate Tesla's ambitions to start producing their own cells in volume sooner than Battery Day and the Plaid Model S may have implied.

Even with this news, it is still unclear what product will utilize Tesla's cells from their pilot production line in Fremont, CA, which Tesla plans to ramp to 10 GWh annually. Perhaps Tesla will use that production for the upcoming Tesla Semi. In June, Musk said it was time for Tesla to focus on bringing the Semi to volume production.

For more analysis on Tesla's battery roadmap, and a leaked Elon Musk email on production, please see the included video and be sure to follow Tesla Daily on The Street.


Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock and derivatives.