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Elon Musk Planned To Give Up Tesla CEO Role?

Plus, Credit Suisse expects Tesla Q1 earnings beat.

For all of today's Tesla news, please see the included video.

➤ TSLA stock has best day in over a month as trading volume picks up

➤ Credit Suisse expects Tesla Q1 earnings beat

➤ Business Insider reports that Tesla offered CEO job to automotive veteran in 2015

➤ SpaceX wins launch contract, likely explaining Musk’s vague tweet

➤ Chinese firm tears down Shanghai-made Model Y

➤ MotorTrend ranks luxury sedan best buys for 2021

➤ Sandy Munro continues teardown of Volkswagen ID.4

➤ More details on Spain EV subsidy

➤ Schedule update


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Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives.