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Watch: TSLA Bull/Bear Debate with Rob Maurer & Gordon Johnson

Gordon Johnson, who has a $19 price target on TSLA, joins Rob Maurer of Tesla Daily to discuss Tesla's business.
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Founder & CEO of GLJ Research, Gordon Johnson, joins Rob Maurer of Tesla Daily to discuss Tesla's business. GLR Research has a $19 post-split price target for TSLA stock, the lowest on Wall St.

Johnson and Maurer discuss Tesla's financials, growth, valuation, profitability, market share, competition, and more. Timestamps below:

  • 0:00 Introduction and Gordon Johnson’s bear case
  • 6:17 Is Tesla’s automotive business burning cash?
  • 11:50 Is Tesla’s growth story over?
  • 13:43 Are electric vehicles disruptive technology?
  • 16:11 Gordon Johnson’s forecasts for Q3 and Q4, and discussing the regulatory credit situation
  • 21:15 Service gross margin and warranty impacts
  • 24:59 What about the impacts of the pandemic on growth?
  • 28:23 Tesla’s market share
  • 34:44 Regulatory credits in depth
  • 40:15 Is competition finally coming?
  • 46:00 How does forecasting for revenue growth fit with the growth story being over?
  • 49:00 Tesla’s profitability, capital raise, and S&P 500 inclusion
  • 57:09 What would it take for Gordon Johnson to become more bullish on TSLA?
  • 58:47 Has Gordon Johnson used Autopilot?
  • 1:02:39 Closing comments


Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock and derivatives