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TSLA Bull/Bear Debate: Rob Maurer & David Trainer

Founder/CEO of New Constructs joins Rob Maurer of Tesla Daily to debate TSLA's valuation.

Founder & CEO of New Constructs, David Trainer, joins Rob Maurer of Tesla Daily to discuss the recently published research by New Constructs which calls TSLA stock "The Most Dangerous Stock for Fiduciaries". David and Rob discuss valuation metrics, profitability, risk vs. reward, long-term growth, investment philosophies, valuation models, market share, competition, and more.


0:00 Introduction

1:58 Why do you think Tesla is overvalued?

4:04 Tesla's market cap per vehicle sold

9:17 Influence of regulatory credits on Tesla's business

11:46 Tesla's market share, growth, and competitive outlook

17:26 Modeling Tesla's valuation

25:42 Counterpoints to the valuation models

37:05 Risk vs. reward when investing in TSLA

40:46 Tesla insurance bull case

42:16 Scaling up and Tesla's competitive position

48:44 Are other automakers finally catching up?

55:09 Wrapping up

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Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock and derivatives.