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Tesla has added a new feature to owner accounts called "Car Access" which allows owners to share their vehicle with “up to five additional drivers.” Twitter user @SCMountainDad noticed the feature in his Tesla account earlier today. Tesla describes the feature on their website.

What is Car Access?
Car Access allows you to add and remove access permission for an additional driver. You can add and remove additional drivers at any time from your Tesla Account.

Which permissions will my additional driver have?
Your additional driver will have access to all Tesla app features except requesting Roadside Assistance and purchasing Upgrades.

Tesla says that by adding another driver, " allow the additional driver access to use the Tesla app to unlock, track location and control settings" on the specified vehicle.

This should be a welcomed feature for families and owners who share their vehicles with friends on occasion. Owners who rent their vehicles out on sites like Turo should be especially pleased, and those customers will receive a more authentic Tesla experience.

As Tesla continues to expand on Autopilot functionality, it's fun to see the backend feature set evolve towards full self-driving fleet management capability. It's not hard to see this feature eventually mature from owner-granted access to network-granted access when a customer requests a ride on the Tesla Network. If Tesla is successful in launching the Tesla Network, we can look forward to the day when "Driver Profiles" change to "Rider Profiles".