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Yahoo! Tests the Power of 300

The company is aiming to let email users send up to 300 photos in a single message.
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Web junkies are ready every day for something better than they had the day before. Webinars, music downloads and Internet telephone are just a few of the finer features that have been added in recent years to the constantly expanding electronic universe.

And these are all well and good in their own ways, but they may mean very little to the users who simply want to send 300 photos in a single email.

For them, Internet titan



now has good news. The company has released a beta version of an email photo-sharing product called PhotoMail, allowing people to insert up to 300 pictures into the body of an electronic message.

The PhotoMail feature allows the sender to drag-and-drop images from anywhere stored on their computer or Yahoo! Photos or the Web and insert them as thumbnail previews into a Yahoo! Mail message. All of this means that even if you haven't snapped 300 photos in your entire life, you can still collect plenty of pictures to send at once. Users can add captions and borders to the pictures, and the size and quality can be adjusted.

The Sunnyvale, Calif., online services provider said the new photo-mailing feature will minimize the amount of worry about exceeding message or attachment size limits.

In addition, Yahoo! Mail is adding six additional languages and new localized sites. It is also adding a new customizable "In the News" feature to the welcome page for its U.S. users.

Shares of Yahoo! were up 72 cents, or 2%, to $36.99.